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War Thunder 1.47 A-20G-25

When the war started 27th Bombardment Group (minus its A-20As) was in the process of being sent to the Philippines where it was to have been re-established as an A-20 unit, but the first operational unit in actual combat was the 89th Bombardment Squadron which began operations in New Guinea on August 31, 1942.

Source – http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/750

  • In game use & Tactics Use the rockets for the light pillboxes and the bombs against bases. Two A-20G-30 Havocs can destroy a base with their rockets.
  • The Douglas A-20G Havoc was a family of twin-engine aircraft which included attack aircraft, light bomber and night fighter variants and which served with US, British, Soviet and other air forces during WWII. Allied air forces designated the bomber variants Boston and the night fighter variants Havoc.

Sergei Volkov, Head of the Flight Model Design Team:


A20g War Thunder

During World War II very few aircraft were used in all war theatres – from the Pacific Ocean, to the English Channel. And certainly there are few planes, equally loved by their crews. The A-20 is definitely one of these machines. A decent speed, powerful weapons to attack ground targets and good protection, made this aircraft one of the most successful flying machines.
We have given the A-20 an updated model, familiar to almost all our players in War Thunder. We have introduced an updated model, which will deliver aesthetic pleasure to all fans of aviation while keeping all of the flight model characteristics intact.

pochi velivoli sono stati utilizzati in tutti i teatri bellici – dall’Oceano Pacifico al Canale della Manica. E sicuramente ci sono pochi aerei altrettanto amati dagli equipaggi. L’A-20 è sicuramente una di queste macchine. UNA buona velocità, potenti armi per attaccare gli obiettivi a terra e una buona protezione, questo aereo fu una delle più efficaci macchine volanti. Abbiamo dato all’A-20 un modello aggiornato, familiare a quasi tutti i nostri giocatori in War Thunder. Abbiamo introdotto un modello aggiornato che sia in grado di fornire piacere estetico a tutti gli appassionati di aviazione, mantenendo intatte tutte le caratteristiche del modello di volo.

A20g War Thunder

Kirill “Lassar” Vostretsov, game designer:

The model has been renamed from the A-20G-30 to the A-20G-25, the old name referred to a modified version of the aircraft produced for the USSR with a navigation cabin. In the United States branch, the current aircraft should be called the A-20G-25. In addition to the name change it was also given its historical bomb load options.

il modello è stato rinominato da A-20G-30 A-20G-25, il vecchio nome era riferito ad una versione modificata dell’aereo per l’URSS, con cabina di navigazione. Nel ramo Stati Uniti l’aereo dovrebbe essere chiamato A-20G-25. Oltre al cambiamento di nome è stato dato anche la storica capacità di carico.

A20g war thunderThunderA20g War Thunder

Yuriy Titarev, artist:

The visual update for the A-20G-30, available in the game, was planned a long time ago, and it was developed with its logical development course, beginning with the DB-7 and the Havoc Mk.I Intruder, now it is the turn of the A-20G-25.
We have modelled both rows of cylinders for the powerplants – each cylinder shows the cabling and valves secured to them and if you take a closer look, you can see the small cooling fins. It has a huge texture resolution of 4K combined with a fine artistic approach which will undoubtedly bring the A-20G-25 into the list of the most beautiful aircraft in the game.

Il visual update per l’A-20G-30, disponibile nel gioco, è stato previsto un po’ di tempo fa, ed è stato sviluppato con il suo sviluppo logico, iniziando con il DB-7 e l’Havoc Mk.I Intruder, ora è la volta dell’A-20G-25. Abbiamo modellato le due file di cilindri per la motorizzazione – ogni cilindro mostra i cavi e le valvole fissaei a loro e a un esame più attento, si possono vedere le piccole alette di raffreddamento. Le texture sono di grande risoluzione 4K combinate con un buon approccio artistico che, senz’ombra di dubbio, inserisce l’A-20G-25 nell’elenco degli aerei più belli in gioco.

Enlisted – the lesser-known, squad-based shooter sibling of free-to-play action wargame War Thunder, using the same Dagor game engine – launched its inevitable Normandy-focused segment on Tuesday, announced by publisher Gaijin with a press release and a two-minute trailer that’s pure Hollywood (naturally, you can watch it below).

This ‘campaign’ content block, entitled Invasion of Normandy, adds three new playable maps – a lush gallic meadow, a charming coastal town, and a bombed-out cityscape – which you’ll be fighting across with 14 new, historically appropriate weapons – including the Beretta M1918 and MP34(ö) submachine guns – and five new vehicles: the American M5A1 light tank, M8 “Scott” self-propelled howitzer, and A-20G bomber, and the German Sd.Kfz.234/2 armoured car, and Ju.188 A-2 bomber.

The update also makes the game’s beta version playable on the PlayStation 5 for the first time; it was originally announced as an Xbox exclusive in 2018, but made the jump to PC in 2020. There’s a slew of gameplay changes, too, including soldier classes and perks. We don’t have a final release date yet, though, and the beta development programme shows every sign of continuing for a while.

The current roadmap lists various areas of ongoing development – including AI and meta-game improvements – but gives no confirmed date for when Enlisted will go into open beta, or beyond.

Invasion of Normandy is the second of four slated ‘campaigns’ for Enlisted – it follows the initial Battle for Moscow (1941-42) block, set at the dramatic turning point of Hitler’s ill-fated Operation Barbarossa, and developers intend to follow it with a Brits-vs-Germans North Africa campaign (Battle of Tunis 1942-43) and the Soviets-vs-Germans Battle of Berlin (1945).

A20g War Thunder Gameplay

Each campaign appears to consist of a new set of multiplayer maps, weapons, vehicles and equipment to suit the war theatre chosen, plus a progression of in-game squads – infantry, tank crew or aircraft pilots – that you unlock via gameplay, with some premium squads set aside for purchase in the store, a la vehicles and crews in War Thunder or Wargaming’s World of Tanks.

Darkflow Software, the Latvian studio behind Enlisted, is largely staffed by ex-Gaijin developers who previously worked on War Thunder, using the same Dagor engine.

The firm says Enlisted’s slightly unusual core gameplay – which sees you control one member of a squad of individually named and equipped infantrymen, giving orders to your AI comrades, until your own soldier dies and you immediately jump behind the eyes of the next living squadmate – both minimises in-game downtime and adds to immersion.

“It’s also important that all weapons, gear, vehicles and aircraft that are present in our campaign were really used during the real battles on that theatre of operations at that time,” lead game designer Sergey Kolganov tells Wargamer.

“We hope that the attention to all minor details makes our game feel more authentic.”

A20g War Thunder Ps4

Currently, you can only get access to the game’s beta by buying one of the “Founder’s Packs” – which both get you in, and grant you a fully upgraded premium infantry squad to use in-game. These start at €29.99 / $36.09 / £25.88 on the Gaijin online store, or the Xbox or PlayStation stores for all you consoleers.

A20g War Thunder Free

Love Gaijin’s crunchy multiplayer warfare, but not feeling like enlisting in Enlisted just yet? Try our guide to War Thunder planes or War Thunder tanks instead. Or seek out a new look in our War Thunder skins guide.