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Support for OEM versions of Acronis products is provided through Acronis Knowledge Base


Adata Acronis True Image Hd Disk Migration Utility


Many ADATA products are bundled with free Acronis software. We show you how to register your ADATA product and quickly get an Acronis key Learn more aboutA. Hello, fellow redditors, current and new r/Acronis readers. Today is the time for a new post listing all OEM editions of Acronis True Image software.

Support for OEM versions of Acronis products is provided by the OEM vendors distributing these products. To get support for an OEM version of Acronis product, please contact the hardware manufacturer.

Acronis True Image Hd

Here are some of the OEM vendors Acronis works closely with:

You can also get support for OEM versions through Acronis Knowledge Base.

The customers using OEM version of Acronis True Image can upgrade to the latest version of the product available on Acronis website. In this case the latest version should be installed on the same disk where OEM version was pre-installed.

Acronis True Image OEM products are feature-limited as opposed to full versions of Acronis True Image, and feature set can be found at

While the most prevalent Acronis OEM products are Acronis True Image HD (usually used for cloning by SSD and HDD suppliers) and Acronis True Image Personal (used primarily by system builders to create factory images for later restore), an OEM can use different software titles.

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