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Learn how to set Bootable USB options in Acronis True Imagehow to make a Bootable USB windows 10 how to make Bootable USB windows 8.1how to make Bootable U. Locate Acronis True Image in your downloads folder, double-click the icon, and follow the steps in the installation wizard. After the installation completes, start Acronis True Image and enter your serial number/product key.

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I created from inside ATI 2018 an bootable rescue media as ISO file.

I don't want to burn it on a CD but put it onto an USB flash drive instead.

Can I use the well known, wide spread tool 'Rufus' ( for this ?


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ImageAcronis True Image Usb Bootable Iso

Peter, yes you can use Rufus or ISOtoUSB or other tools to make a bootable USB drive from your ATI 2018 Rescue Media ISO file - the key caveats here are that the USB stick must be 32GB or less in size (2GB is fine!) and is formatted as FAT32.

Personally, ATI is more than capable of creating the Rescue Media directly on USB media without any need to make an ISO file first.

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Rufus can help you with this problem.

Acronis Usb Bootable Download


Just install from official site and check this guide…

DiscWizard is the Acronis true image free version for seagate hard drive, just like True Image Home, DiscWizard allows us create a rescue cd, we can boot our computer from the rescue cd and restore system partition in case it becomes unbootable. But you can not create a rescue usb disk directly. I’ll show you how to create a bootable usb drive for DiscWizard in the following paragraph.

1, Create Bootable ISO

Use the “Create Bootable Media” function to build an iso file, then extract it to a new folder, for example, d:TrueImageISO.

2, Download syslinux

Syslinux is an open source boot loader for Linux developed by H. Peter Anvin.

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Download syslinux then extract the archive, copy the file syslinux.exe in the win32 folder to D:.

3, Create bootable usb drive

Acronis True Image Bootable

  • First, format your usb disk as FAT32 format.
  • Second, launch windows command prompt, enter D:syslinux.exe X: and press enter.( suppose that you put the file syslinux.exe in the root folder of the D drive, and X: is your usb drive letter. ) You’ll see a hidden file named ldlinux.sys has been added to X:.
  • Copy the file kernel.dat and ramdisk.dat from d:TrueImageISO to X:.
  • Download the file syslinux.cfg and copy it to drive X, don’t change the filename.
  • You are done!

Boot computer from usb drive

Now you can restart your system and boot it from usb drive, you can see the screenshot below:

Learn more about DiscWizard or Acronis True Image WD Edition here.