Best Way To Use Vacuum Storage Bags

Best way to use vacuum storage bags at home
  1. Best Way To Use Vacuum Storage Bags
  2. Best Way To Use Vacuum Storage Bags
  1. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags. If you are traveling for a long trip but don’t want to take.
  2. Vacuum storage bags are one of the best ways to store clothes, bedding, and other textiles. They are suitable for both long-term storage and travel. They work by compressing the contents of the bag, either through the use of a vacuum cleaner or handheld pump.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bags on the Market


Are you using the wonder of vacuum storage bags?
In this post we'll take a look at one of the best vacuum storage bags on the market, and discuss how to get the very best use out of them.
Vacuum storage bags are designed to create more space around your home. They can be used for almost any item, including clothes, outgrown baby clothes, duvets and bedding, and pretty much anything else you can think of that will fit in them.
Let's dig into a little more about these particular space saver bags, and find out how to use them.

More About These Vacuum Storage Bags

As one of the leading sellers on Amazon, they offer world class customer service, with a very helpful follow-up email being sent to all customers, just checking in that everything is ok with their purchase and that they aren't having any issues with their vacuum storage bags.
They offer a 100% Money Back and Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows you to buy with confidence.
These bags are also oustanding quality, and come in a variety of different sizes, from small all the way up to Jumbo size. They are made with a thick plastic and you can definitely feel the quality when you run them between your fingers..

With their variety of sizes, you have the luxury of storing almost anything you can think of, from smaller items, all the way to much items in their Jumbo bags. Some of these include bed sheets, blankets, duvets, pillows, luggage, clothes (outgrown baby clothes), guest towels, outdoor patio cushions, and anything else you can think of really.
One of the great things about these space saver basgs is that they allow your items to stay airtight, meaning that they are spared from bacteria, mold, insects and mildew. They also remain watertight when selaed, so no damp will get into them.
They come with a great zip seal and an airtight valve which ensures that once you extract the air from the bags, it stays out, unless you decide to open them again.
These vacuum storage bags really save you tons of space and have been known to shrink the items down by up to 80%. Once you have extracted the air out of a number of bags you'll be amazed how much space you've saved when you stack the bags on each other.
They also come with a free travel pump, which allows you to travel with them and save tons of space in your suitcase. We found that the best way to extract the air out of the bags is definitely by using a vacuum cleaner, but the free hand pump also works well if you don't have access to a vacuum cleaner, and is a great tool for travellers.
These bags are great, and they sell really well on Amazon. Their price is always changing though depending on stock levels, so be sure to visit Amazon to see how much they cost.

How to Use Vacuum Storage Bags

The process of using vacuum storage bags is fairly simple. What I'd say though is that it's definitely worth following the instructions carefully, as you want to ensure you get the steps exactly right, in order to prevent air from re-entering the bag again.

Step 1:
The first step in the process of using vacuum storage bags is to decide exactly what you are looking to store away, and then how much.
As these particular vacuum storage bags come in Jumbo size, you'll do well to make use of them and store as much as possible in each bag.
An important step though is to make sure you don't overfill each bag, as this will prevent the zip from making a tight seal. It's all about making sure the seal is tight in order to stop the bags from leaking.
Once you have decided what you're going to store in the bags, start packing them carefully, making sure the items are evenly spaced out so that you get an even compression once you extract the air out of the bag.
Step 2:
Now that you have filled the bag, you will want to make sure you make the tightest seal possible when closing them. This can be done by dragging the blue slider along the runner multiple times. This is a critical step in the process and getting this wrong will only cause the bags to leak again, even if they are really good quality vacuum storage bags.
So be sure to run that blue slider along the runners really tightly, and drag it all the way across the line of the bag to ensure it is sealed completely and as air tight as possible.
Step 3: Once the bags are secured tightly the next step is to extract the air out of them. These bags come with a great hand-pump which is useful for travelling, but if you're at home then you'll want to make use of your vacuum cleaner, as this is by far the quickest and easiest (and strangely satisfying) method of vacuuming out the air from your bags.
To do this, simply screw off the cap and then place the vacuum cleaner nozzle on it. Then start the vacuum cleaner and you will immediately notice the air starting to extract out of the bag.
Let this continue until you are certain all of the air has been removed. You will notice that the size of the contents has been significantly reduced, often saving up to 80% or more in space.
Step 4:
Finally make sure you screw the top back on the valve to ensure no air escapres. It's also worth double checking the seal is completely locked tight and that you can hear no air escaping.

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Most vacuum storage bags work in a similar fashion (see our guide to the different types which have different sealing mechanisms), but there are some straightforward tips you can follow to ensure that you get the best out of any compression bags. 8 Pack Jumbo Size Space Saver Storage Vacuum Seal Plastic Bag 47'x32' Best 8.5 8.0 8.6 6: 6 Pack Extra Large Space Saver Bags Vacuum Seal Storage Bag Organizer 31x39 8.3 7.8 8.4 7.

Mylar bags are very beneficial when it comes to long term food storage. They can preserve food for over a century if done correctly. Although, the process of using Mylar bags for long term food storage is simple, it is also very easy to make mistakes that can compromise the preservation of your food.

Mylar bags must be heat-sealed to be effective and don't forget to add the oxygen absorbers, they are the ones who do most of the work! We recommend having everything you need to seal your bags before opening your oxygen absorbers so they do not get exposed for too long.

Here is a quick guide to help determine the absorption needed for the container:

So, you have your Mylar bag filled and are ready to seal it up!
Depending on what size bag you are using, quart, gallon, or 5 gallons, you can choose what heat sealing method you find best to use. Leave 6 inches open so you can drop in your oxygen absorber before completely sealing the bag.

Iron: A hair-straithening iron or household iron are favorite ways to seal 5 gallon bags. It is much easier than ironing a shirt: one of two passes with the iron creates a great seal and is perfectly safe for the iron and the bag.

Impulse Sealer: Heat sealing with an impulse sealer may be one of the easiest ways to heat-seal Mylar bags, however good impulse sealers are expensive.

Vacuum storage bags target

Food Saver: If you have a Food Saver, it is an easy way to seal smaller gallon or quart bags. There has been some confusion in the past about using Food Saver machines for heat-sealing Mylar bags, depending on the settings, it may heat-seal before it vacuums all the air out and this has caused some frustrations with some. However, it is okay to have air in your bags when sealing, that is the oxygen absorber's job after all!

Remember, do not expect all the bags to have a vacuum-sealed packed look! Oxygen is only 21% of air and 4/5 of the air will remain. Yes, you usually notice the volume decrease, but products with high interstitial air volume will often not get this look even though the process has indeed worked.

Also, some Mylar bags will have zip locks added but they still need to be heat-sealed for long-term food storage.

Best Way To Use Vacuum Storage Bags


Best Way To Use Vacuum Storage Bags

When you purchase our bags, we include our long-term food storage guide to help you through the process or you can download step by step instructions here for quart and gallon bags, and here for 5 gallon bags.