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&TV’s leading and superhit show “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!” (BGPH) is an Indian Hindi-language comedy television series.The show is one of the best shows on the Indian television. Saumya Tandon, who plays of the lead role of Anita in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, has quit the show. The actor has decided not to renew her contract, and today is her last day of shoot. Speaking exclusively to, Tandon shared that the idea to part ways with the show was a well-thought-out one as she wanted to explore new challenges. Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain. 8,380 likes 19 talking about this. Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! Is a comedy television series on &TV. This page is for fans,from the fans of show.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar

Danny makes guest comfortable, Helan walks to waiter and asks for drinks, Vibhu says how could you, Helan says have food too okay as I haven’t cooked. Prem walks to him and says go serve don’t just stand.

Prem asks Danny did he like arrangements Danny says very cool, Malkan and Tilu congratulate, Danny says I don’t accept poor people wishes, Helan walks to Danny says Hi Dan! Danny says wow, Helan says why party hasnt started, Danny says waiting for beauty since she has arrived let us, Gupta says you are looking very beautiful Helan aunty, Danny says who has called these idiots. Tiwari’s walk in, Prem asks Tiwari why is this party, Prem says Rahul Oberoi and Anita’s engagement party, Tiwari in shock, Angoori greets Helan and Danny, Angoori compliments Helan. Helan and Angoori go to have a bite. Tiwari requests Danny not to separate Vibhu and Anu, Danny says have food and drinks.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar

Anu walks in, Tiwari says this is not good, Angoori says I am already saying that, Danny says you are looking like a princess, Anu says you are wrong, Vibhu keeps me happy. Rahul walks in, greets Anu, Vibhu drinks, Angoori calls Anu aside and asks why are you doing this, Anu says I am forced, Malkan and Tilu walk to Vibhu and says if we were your place we would drink poison, Vibhu gives them cold looks,they run away, Tiwari says shame on you, you couldn’t fight, Vibhu makes a drink and leaves.

Danny announces Rahul’s and Anita’s engagement, Rahul and Anu dance, Anu looks at Vibhu, Vibhu drunk pushes Rahul away, Rahul says my 5 lakhs suit, Prem yells at Vibhu, Angoori scolds Prem and says I wont tolerate this behaviour, Prem says you don’t know anything bhabhiji and pushes Vibhu away.

Tilu and Malkan drinking, and abuse Tiwari for being greedy, Vibhu walks to them and starts cribbing, Malkan says you are right, you had big tragedy, how come you are alive, Malkan says I would commit suicide, Vibhu packs all food and drinks on table and leaves, Tilu says take care and then see Vibhu has taken everything away.

Anu in her room, Danny walks to her and puts on the lights, and asks why are you sitting in dark, Anu says you brought this darkness, Danny says I brought brightness named Rahul and Vibhu the darkness will leave, Anu says this heart os Vibhus and no one elses, Danny says he has no money how will you survive, you are playing with your life, you love him but does he, Anu says yes, Danny says okay I will test Vibhu tomorrow and if he wins you are his or else you will go with Rahul. Anu days agreed.

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Vibhu walks in next day drunk, Vibhu says Danny you standing with facing back because you are guilty you separated loved ones. Danny asks Anu to go to her room, Anu denies, Danny says dont worry I wont do anything wrong, just go inside or I will shoot him, Anu goes inside. Vibhu says to Danny you cant separate me and Anu and our love, Danny says I will buy you this is blank check fill it, Vibhu says now you are talking, Danny says I knew you would do it, Vibhu says are you sure I will get what I want, Danny says yes, Vibhu says swear on someone you love, Danny says I swear on Anu and only from what I have, Vibhu hands check to Danny written Anita on it and says Anu is priceless dont take her away, Helan and Anita walk out, Danny says you opened my eyes, Anita says I love you, Helan says I am proud of you.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar

Angoori gets Tiwari milk and asks where were you, Tiwari says just strolling around, Angoori says I got you special milk, Tiwari has it, and says I feel so energised, Angoori says this is horse milk, Tiwari says now Amajis dream will come true.


Pre cap: Gupta tells Vibhu his house is robbed, Tiwari says I wake up with even a pin drop sound.
Angoori tells Tiwari and Vibhu her 5 lakh necklace got stolen.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

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