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Chakkapazham is a superhit sitcom(situational comedy) running successfully on Flowers TV. Serial is airing at 10.00 pm Monday to Friday. Chakkapazham is a realistic serial with lot of comedy without any usual drama in normal serials.

By admin January 13, 2021 Aswathy Sreekanth is an Indian actress, Anchor, and Radio Jockey. She is known for hosting two seasons of the Malayalam comedy show Comedy Super Nite on the Flowers. She is also Know for her role as “Asha” in Chakkapazham Serial on Flowers Tv. 0 Aswathy Sreekanth is a famous anchor and serial actress in Malayalam television. Her latest serial is Chakkapazham in flowers tv. Here is her latest cute and hot photoshoot. Web Title: chakkapazham serial actress sabitta george's viral photos Malayalam News from, TIL Network. Recommended News. Chakka Pazham Serial Latest Episode 78 Chakkappazham is one of the highly awaited sitcoms in the Malayalam television industry. The show launched on Flowers TV on 10 August 2020. Chakka Pazham is directed by R. Unnikrishnan, who is the director of many superhit serials like Marimayam, Thattem Mutteem, and Uppum Mulakum. Lakshmi Unnikrishnan (Chakkapazham fame) Wiki, Age, Biography, Movies, and Beautiful Photos April 2, 2021 Archana Gupta Wiki, Age, Biography, Movies, and Gorgeous Photos.

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Famous tv anchor Aswathy Sreekanth and Marimayam fame S P Sreekumar is playing lead roles. Aswathy as Asha and Sreekumar as Uthaman.

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This sitcom is directed by Uppum Mulakum director R Unnikrishnan. Serial is written by Shameer Khan and produced by Flowers TV. R Unnikrishnan is the director of many superhit serials like Marimayam, Thattem Mutteem and Uppum Mulakum.

Chakkapazham serial Story

Story of Chakkapazham serial revolves around life of Uthaman and wife Asha. Uthaman is a compounder in a Veterinary Hospital. Asha is house wife.

Uthaman’s sister Pinky is married to her maternal cousin Shivan. Shivan is a police constable. Uthaman’s brother Kunjunni is unemployed.

Uthaman’s father Kunjunni is a retired from flag waving job. But he told everyone that he was a pilot. His wife Lalitha was an air hostess.

Chakkapazham progress through day to day events in this family.

Chakkapazham serial Cast

  • S P Sreekumar as Uthaman
  • Aswathy Sreekanth as Asha
  • Shruthi Rajnikanth as Pinky / Painkili Shivan
  • Mohammed Raffi as Sumesh Kunjunni / Thurumb Sumesh, Uthaman’s brother
  • Arjun Somasekhar as Shivan, Pinky’s husband
  • Amal Rajdev as Kunjunni, Uthaman’s father
  • Sabeeta George as Lalitha Kunjunni, Uthaman’s mother
  • Lakshmi as Pallavi Uthaman(Palli), Uthaman’s child
  • Aryan as Shambu Uthaman, Uthaman’s child
  • Sadhika Suresh Menon as Aami Uthaman, Uthaman’s child
  • Raihu as Kannan, Pinky’s son
  • Indira Devi as Dinkiri Muthassi

Chakkapazham serial Crew

  • Directed by – R Unnikrishnan
  • Written by – Shameer Khan
  • Produced by – Flowers TV
  • Edited by – Giri Shankar and Dileep

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Chakkapazham serial photo gallery

Chakkapazham Serial

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New Malayalam sitcom, Chakkapazham, has instantly become a hit among TV audience as well as YouTube viewers. The serial is noted for the freshness in its casting which includes television anchors and former TikTok stars. One of them is Arjun Somasekharan, who had gained popularity as a TikTok star.


The actor who is married to the queen of TikTok videos, Sowbhagya Venkitesh, is a talented dancer and a tattoo artist. Excerpts from Arjun's interview with Vanitha Online.

The ‘Trivian’

“I am a ‘Trivian’ in the truest sense. You could easily spot the unique Thiruvananthapuram style in my mannerisms and in my accent as well. That is one of the reasons why I was chosen for the role in Chakkapazham. Director Unnikrishnan sir offered me the role after he watched me speak in a few interviews with Sowbhagya after our wedding. He asked me whether I speak like this in real life. When I said yes, he asked me whether I was interested in doing the role. I told him that other than appearing in a few TikTok videos I had no prior experience in acting. However, he gave me confidence and asked me to give it a try. That is how I came into Chakkapazham. I felt alright when I began doing the role. My confidence increased when the audience began appreciating me,” says Arjun.

Dancer and artist

Arjun is passionate about dancing and is a noted tattoo artist too. The actor confesses he had no plans to try his hands in acting. However, he decided to give it try when he actually got the chance. Besides, he had lots of free time as his dance classes got stalled due to the lockdown. Arjun says he didn’t feel strange as he had some experience acting in TikTok videos. Besides, Sowbhagya too had helped him with some tips and tricks. Moreover, he credits the incredible support of the team of Chakkapazham and his dancing skills for helping him play the role perfectly. Arjun thinks his lack of experience in professional acting has actually given him the freedom to improvise.

Won’t say ‘no’ to Sowbhagya

It was Sowbhagya and her mother Tara Kalyan who encouraged Arjun to give it a chance when the offer came his way. Though Sowbhagya and Arjun had decided not to work at different places, the former offered her wholehearted support. “Sowbhagya is actually my first director. In the beginning, when she made me do some Tamil videos in TikTok, I was very shy. But, I don’t like saying ‘no’ to her. That is how I began doing videos. Besides, I was inspired by the great response those videos had garnered,” says Arjun.

Left job to pursue dance

Arjun was born and brought up in Sasthamangalam in Thiruvananthapuram. His parents Somasekharan and Radha were teachers. His elder brother Arun Sekhar is 13 years older to him. He works at the ayurveda college in the city. Arjun began training in dance from childhood onwards. He was Tara Kalyan’s disciple until he completed his under graduation. He had trained in Bharatanatyam under the veteran dancer.

After completing college, Arjun worked at the Techno Park for some time. However, he quit the job when he got bored of it and joined another company. Arjun hadn’t practiced dance for almost 10 years when he had worked at various companies in Techno Park. But, he soon realized that dance was his true calling and decided to pursue it full time. He resumed his practice sessions. It was during that time that Sowbhagya and her mother Tara Kalyan moved to Thiruvananthapuram from Kochi. Arjun rejoined Tara’s classes and began regular practices. In his second innings, Arjun focused more on cinematic dance. It’s been two years since Arjun chose dance as his profession.

Secret tale

“Though I am a Thiruvananthapuram native, there is an interesting story behind it. My father hails from Adoor and my mother is from Kayamkulam. They relocated to Thiruvanathapuram as part of their jobs. So, I imbibed the unique styles of Thiruvananthapuram and Pathanamthitta in the way I speak. But, my friends from both the places began mocking me. So, I decided to stick with the Thiruvananthapuram accent. I purposefully began saying expressions like ‘entirade’. Now, it has become my style and I have decided to stick with it,” notes Arjun.

Honeymoon plans

Chakkapazham Serial

“I am currently in Kochi filming for the sitcom and Sowbhagya is in Thiruvananthapuram. We are sad that we had to stay apart within a few months after the wedding. However, Sowbhagya cannot join me here right now. We have 8 pet dogs. So, we cannot move in together by abandoning them completely. I am passionate about bikes as well. Sowbhagya and I share many interests including our love for bikes. It is for the first time that I am staying away from Thiruvanathapuram for such a long time,” says Arjun.

The nationwide lockdown was announced a few weeks after Arjun and Sowbhagya’s wedding. So, they had to postpone their honeymoon plans. They had in fact planned to travel to Singapore and the Andamans. The couple, meanwhile, is eagerly waiting for things to get back to normal to enjoy some great trips together.