Chemical Yard Eve Online


  • From what i've experienced the 'Chemical Yard' has a high-er chance of dropping a 46-X (Astero) chip compared to the 'Haunted Yard'. Also, the 'Chemical yard' can escelate to 'Hunting the Drudge Factory' where escelation 2 and 3 (both in highsec btw) can drop a 43-X chip (Stratios).
  • EVE Online’s Mosaic update has activated, a universe of open-ended opportunities awaits CCP has updated EVE Online with the Mosaic release, adding a number of new changes to the persistent universe.
  • Drone Sites (Haunted Yard, Desolate Site, Chemical Yard) are very much hit and miss. The drop rate of 'Sentient' modules or Nexus chips seems to be pretty low, but it's always nice to find one and the sites are easy to run.
  • 1) Hunted Yard - Astero Chip 2) Desolate Site - Astero Chip 3) Chemical Yard - Astero Chip in site and first part of escalation, Stratios Chip in 2nd and 3d part 4) Rogue Trial Yard - Stratios Chip 5) Dirty Site - Stratios Chip 6) Ruins - Stratios Chip There are more nullsec sites, never ran those but I belive they can all drop Nestor Chips.

Chemical Yard Eve Online Game

Chemical Yard is an unrated combat site that can be found by Probe scanning in high and low security regions. The acceleration gates in site allow only T1 and pirate faction cruisers and below to enter.

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Haunted Yard Combat Site

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