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You can create an AEM application by using the Java Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). By building an AEM application using Eclipse, you can access features within the IDE such as code completion and the ability to remote debug the application. Getting Started with JPA - Maven Project (3KB) Open the Maven project in Eclipse: Select File Import. Maven Existing Maven Projects and click Next. Select the points-console directory as Root Directory and press ENTER. Select the project and click Finish. Run the project in Eclipse. Eclipse provides an option to run various goals from the IDE. Among the ones we have seen in this chapter, clean, compile, and test are offered by Eclipse. There are a few other options as well. In addition, Eclipse also allows us to modify the configurations as suitable. The most popular Maven plug-in for Eclipse Java EE IDE is called Maven Integration for WTP (m2e-wtp). Installing this plug-in is easy and would take only around 5-10 minutes. Follow the steps described below: In Eclipse IDE, click Help Eclipse Marketplace to open up the Eclipse Marketplace dialog.

In the last tutorial, we have learnt to install maven in our window system. In this tutorial we will learn how to configure our IDE for maven.
In order to use maven with eclipse you must have maven installed on your operating system.
Follow below steps to configure your Eclipse.
Step 1: Open your eclipse and navigate to help tab and then navigate to eclipse marketplace.
Eclipse Ide Maven
Step 2: Once you reach the eclipse marketplace a pop-up will open and in search option search for
Eclipse Ide Maven
Step 3: You will get many options , but choose for options indicated in the diagram and click on install button.
Step 4 : If everything will be fine it will do some processing and will ask to restart the eclipse.

Eclipse Ide And Maven

Step 5: Verify the installation of maven in eclipse, to verify the installation navigate as stated in pic.
After clicking on the other option, a pop up will pop with search option.
In Search option write maven you will get some option related with maven.
If you do not get options related with maven then you need to check the installation again.

Eclipse Ide With Maven Download

To re-verify first check the installation of maven on windows operating system

Eclipse Ide Maven Plugin Download

If you can find maven option (as stated in pics)in eclipse means your IDE is configured with the maven.
Eclipse Ide MavenEclipse

Org.maven.ide.eclipse.maven2 Nature

In next tutorial we will learn to create new project in eclipse using maven and some deep insight about maven.