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I really like Abap in Eclipse and work with Eclipse every day. But if you work every day with Eclipse it’s really exhausting for your eyes because of the bright UI. ( And the standard theme is a bit boring 🙂 )

So i searched for a possibility to use the dark theme with ABAP in Eclipse. I think many developers tried to use the standard dark theme in Eclipse.


it doesn’t looks so great.

So what is the alternative that you can use a dark theme for developing with Abap in Eclipse?

Running a clean instance Oxygen (not a Neon upgrade), ran a basic update yesterday, from no where Neon update repo has been added and enabled, Devstyle Dark Theme doesn’t work, EGit Integration now broken, I’m wondering if even plugin devs struggle with versioning and compatibility checking smh. As I have been working in Eclipse based IDEs, the first thing I wanted to do was to download DevStyle theme from eclipse marketplace, because I can work only with dark themes. And there is a problem on just beginning, because it doesn't work. MoonRise UI A fork of this plugin has been donated and merged in the main Eclipse platform repository. Starting from Eclipse Luna, you'll find it preinstalled as the new default dark theme of Eclipse! You can use this repository to get the latest development version. The Dark Theme looks great for all the ‘standard’ Eclipse views and plugins, because the Darkest Dark Theme replaces icons/etc to make them work very well. This is not the case for any non-standard or custom plugins. As a result, the dark theme might not work well for some views (e.g. The MCUXPresso Config Tools). The latest versions of Eclipse now come with a dark theme. Just go to General - Appearance - Theme and select 'Dark' or another appropriate version based on your operating system.


The answer is the Darkest Dark Theme for Eclipse plugin. You simplay can go to Help > Eclipse Marketplace and search for “Darkest Dark”.

Eclipse Neon Dark Themes

Then you have to install the Darkest Dark Theme and restart Eclipse after the installation finished. You see immediately that it looks really good. 😉

Eclipse Neon Dark Theme

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Finally, you can customize the editor a little if you want or serach the internet for existing editor configurations which match the dark theme for Abap in Eclipse.

To change the configuration of the Editor you can go to Window > Preferences and then switch to General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts. For example we chance the color of Keywords from violet to orange.

Dark Theme Eclipse Ox

If you apply and close you have to refresh your source and see the difference: