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Eclipse Oxygen; Eclipse Installer; Eclipse Packages; Eclipse Developer Builds. 2021-06 M1; Eclipse Oxygen. 3A Packages; 3 Packages; 3.RC3 Packages; 3.RC2 Packages; 2 Packages; 2.RC3 Packages; 2.RC2 Packages. You will need a Java runtime environment (JRE) to use Eclipse (Java SE 11 or greater is recommended). Some of the packages come with. Installing (for Python) Python and Java should be installed before installing Eclipse. Unzip, the file that you just downloaded and moved. On my machine (running Windows 7), I can Right-click the file.

Today I downloaded the latest Eclipse (Oxygen 3A) release because a customer is asking about getting started with JFreeChart and Eclipse, and the existing instructions for that are a bit out of date. Here are some new instructions for getting started.

Start Eclipse, then select New -> Project... from the File menu. Under the Wizards selection, choose Maven Project, then click the Next button.When the New Maven Project dialog appears, select the ‘Create a simple project’ checkbox, then click the Next button.At the next step, fill in the details that will be used to set up the initial pom.xml file that will be used by Maven to build your application (you can change the details later), then click the Finish button.At this point you will have a skeleton project that looks like this:Now you need to edit the pom.xml to include a dependency for JFreeChart 1.5.0. Add the lines 8 - 14 shown in the screenshot below:

Next, you need to add the code for a simple JFreeChart application. Right-click on src/main/java and select the New -> Class menu item. Type ‘First’ as the name of the class and then click the Finish button.

Next you should edit the file to contain the following code:

Now clicking the Run button in Eclipse will run the app and show you the following:

And it is as simple as that!

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JDT (71)Core (39)
  • 454053 Error in compilation : 'The hierarchy of the type ... is inconsistent' [closed/duplicate]
  • 480886 VerifyError when method reference is used as a lambda body [resolved/worksforme]
  • 519147 Unknown error during inference [verified/fixed]
  • 521182 method reference on null object should throw NPE at runtime (JLS compliance) [verified/fixed]
  • 521438 Slow compilation in project with many wildcards generics [verified/fixed]
  • 521655 Type inference doesn't work for multi-dimensional arrays in generics [resolved/worksforme]
  • 522670 Type mismatch: cannot convert from Data to Data [verified/fixed]
  • 526097 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in ASTRewrite.rewriteAST [verified/fixed]
  • 526310 Making changes to 'Is modular' node does not trigger build [verified/fixed]
  • 526335 Deprecation warning should show the new 'since' deprecation value [verified/fixed]
  • 526911 Generated class file causes exception, works with javac 9.0.1 and 1.8.* [verified/fixed]
  • 526940 The package x.y.z does not exist or is empty - 2nd edition [verified/fixed]
  • 527382 JavaSearchBugs8.testBug400905_0010 fails [verified/worksforme]
  • 527731 Incorrect cycle detected in type hierarchy [verified/fixed]
  • 528085 Dependency on Workspace problematic for external tools [verified/fixed]
  • 528109 Error with Parser#parsePackageDeclaration when calling it from FileSystem#hasCompilationUnit with modules [closed/duplicate]
  • 528948 SIOOBE on invoking content assist in [verified/fixed]
  • 529123 support MODULE_DECLARATION in CompletionProposal.getDeclarationSignature [verified/fixed]
  • 529471 IllegalAccessError on switch in interface default method when run in JDK 9 [closed/duplicate]
  • 529680 Automatic module not recognized for hibernate-jpa-2.1-api [verified/fixed]
  • 529982 Duplicate module ref proposals with versions [closed/duplicate]
  • 530605 need an api to set the selection of --release option in compiler preferences [verified/wontfix]
  • 530758 Build failure in I20180205-2000 [verified/fixed]
  • 497905 generics: 'method not applicable for the arguments', javac and ecj 1.7 are ok [closed/duplicate]
  • 525842 Got java.nio.channels.ClosedByInterruptException [resolved/fixed]
  • 528058 inconsistency in handle identifiers for JrtPackageFragmentRoot [resolved/fixed]
  • 528350 update in JLS 7.5.3 re duplicate static imports [resolved/fixed]
  • 528467 ClasspathJrt should consider accessRules [resolved/fixed]
  • 529282 Suddenly content assist blocks.[closed/duplicate]
  • 531025 Type annotations should not be allowed for local variables declared with var [resolved/fixed]
  • 531046 ICodeAssist#codeSelect support for 'var' [verified/fixed]
  • 532176 NPE during reconcile [resolved/fixed]
  • 532349 wildcard bounds lost when indirectly assigned through a 'var' type [verified/fixed]
  • 532818 testDuplicateImports3 failure [closed/duplicate]
  • 532913 @Deprecated appears twice on BinaryMethodBinding [resolved/fixed]
  • 532916 Some methods in MethodInfo needing synchronization [resolved/fixed]
  • 532960 Mark occurrences around 'var' is not intuitive [closed/duplicate]
  • 533036 Batch compiler needs to support --release 10 [resolved/fixed]
  • 533043 CLASS_OUTPUT is not set properly when MODULE_SOURCE_PATH set for individual modules [resolved/fixed]
Debug (8)Eclipse Oxygen 3a
  • 525948 Cannot run JUnit tests in a module project [verified/fixed]
  • 526055 NPE when rebuilding projects or launching junit [resolved/fixed]
  • 526815 Installed JREs 'Search...' button does not allow to select directory to search JREs [verified/fixed]
  • 528304 Wrong URL for jdk9 API [verified/fixed]
  • 528949 NPE while trying to add a breakpoint in module-info files [verified/fixed]
  • 529559 'null'-strings on the runtime modulepath [verified/fixed]
  • 530279 Running Tomcat on JDK < 1.8 (JDK 1.6 or 1.7) causes NPE [resolved/fixed]
  • 532815 Launching eclipse with Java 10 gives warning in Installed JRE section [verified/fixed]
Images for Eclipse Oxygen 3aDoc (1)
  • 533003 Update bundle versions for 473a [resolved/fixed]
Text (4)
  • 528954 CompletionProposalCollector.getDeclaringType() fails assertion for MODULE_DECLARATION proposal [verified/fixed]
  • 528967 support content assist for module declaration name [verified/fixed]
  • 532796 SemanticHighlightingTest failures [resolved/fixed]
  • 532893 Syntax coloring for 'var' broken with M20180323-1030 [verified/fixed]
UI (19)
  • 506009 UI freezes reported in PackageFragment.getElementName [resolved/fixed]
  • 521394 NewModuleInfoWizard should also update the Build Path [verified/fixed]
  • 522022 paste into package explorer should understand [verified/fixed]
  • 526833 revisit default set of JDK modules in ModuleDialog (modular project) [resolved/fixed]
  • 527023 Moving from non-modular buildpath to modular puts JRE 9 on classpath and doesn't update the internal structure [verified/fixed]
  • 527609 Investigate inconsistency of 'Is not modular' node during drag and drop.[verified/fixed]
  • 527621 Drag and Drop doesn't work for all containers [verified/fixed]
  • 527952 Add 'requires' quick fix also when type is not imported [verified/fixed]
  • 528139 Several menu and tool items missing from module-info files [verified/fixed]
  • 528305 Generate Javadoc wizard doesn't offer 9 as 'JRE source compatibility' again after deselecting [verified/fixed]
  • 529172 Runnable Jar including Sqlite JDBC doesn't work on Java 9 [resolved/fixed]
  • 530058 Also add --add-opens when launching with earlier JUnit versions [verified/fixed]
  • 530108 Wrong contents of [verified/fixed]
  • 530600 should handle new variants of IProblem.OverridingDeprecatedMethod [resolved/fixed]
  • 530845 Cannot open editor from JUnit failure trace [verified/fixed]
  • 532541 Convert type to 'var' leaves unused imports [resolved/fixed]
  • 532735 Java-Editor does not highlight 'static' in [resolved/fixed]
  • 532797 AddUnimplementedMethodsTest failures [resolved/fixed]
  • 532996 Refactor -> Rename operation should not be available on 'var' type [verified/fixed]
PDE (16)API Tools (10)
  • 518795 IES 4.7 PDE API Tools TCT#5 [verified/fixed]
  • 527324 Use Workaround in PDE API tools for Bug 528417 [verified/fixed]
  • 528790 API tools reports incorrect errors on overriding an API method and more Java 9 related API tools issues [verified/fixed]
  • 529072 NPE in LeakExtendsProblemDetector.isAPIType( [verified/fixed]
  • 529497 Update ASM to version 6 in PDE in 4.7.3 and update the code accordingly [verified/fixed]
  • 530233 API analyze component is taking lot of time with Java 9 [resolved/fixed]
  • 532427 API tools test failures with Java 10 [resolved/fixed]
  • 532491 Remove interface from Enum is not reported by API tools in Java 10 [resolved/fixed]
  • 532768 Remove jdt.internal.compiler.codegen.Opcodes from API tools generator [resolved/fixed]
  • 532773 NPE during API analysis while using Java 10 [resolved/fixed]
UI (6)

Images For Eclipse Oxygen 3a

  • 509436 Add required plugins should find the osgi capabilities [closed/duplicate]
  • 525660 Automatic-Module-Name header needed for Java 9 [verified/fixed]
  • 525998 Launching any JUnit Plug-in test fails when JRE 9 is present in Installed JREs [resolved/worksforme]
  • 527387 'Add Automatic-Module-Name' warning should not be shown in non-java project.[verified/fixed]
  • 529262 Conflicting mnemonics in the plugin compiler preference page [verified/fixed]
  • 532426 1 org.eclipse.pde.ui.tests fail with Java 10.[resolved/fixed]

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Platform (41)Doc (1)
  • 533031 Build failure in M20180328-1700 due to missing <.td> [resolved/fixed]
Releng (19)
  • 512100 Move to tycho 1.1.0 [resolved/fixed]
  • 528986 Prep work for Oxygen.3(4.7.3) release [resolved/fixed]
  • 528988 Adjust Baselines for API Tools and Deprecation Reports [resolved/fixed]
  • 528991 Update branding and build scripts for 4.7.3 release [resolved/fixed]
  • 529294 Adopt ASM 6 jars from Orbit in 4.7.3 [verified/fixed]
  • 530865 Declare Oxygen.3 (4.7.3) RC1 [closed/fixed]
  • 531105 Copyright dates must be updated to 2018 [verified/fixed]
  • 531180 Declare Oxygen.3 (4.7.3) RC2 [resolved/fixed]
  • 531504 Declare Oxygen.3 (4.7.3) RC3 [resolved/fixed]
  • 531803 Update Jetty to 9.4.8 [verified/fixed]
  • 531857 Declare Oxygen.3 (4.7.3) RC4 [resolved/fixed]
  • 532377 Enable cleaning of M-builds [resolved/fixed]
  • 537929 update prereqs for 4.7.3 release: ORBIT URL [verified/fixed]
  • 530110 Create patch build for Java 10 [resolved/fixed]
  • 532376 Prep work for Oxygen.3a(4.7.3a) release [resolved/fixed]
  • 532753 Version issues with 4.7.3a [resolved/fixed]
  • 532785 Declare 4.7.3a RC1 [resolved/fixed]
  • 533035 Declare Oxygen.3a(4.7.3a) RC2 [closed/fixed]
  • 533202 M20180404-0400 should not have happened [resolved/fixed]
Runtime (3)
  • 478634 Infinite Autobuild loop with a job never removed from waitingThreadJobs [resolved/fixed]
  • 528227 Cleanup ThreadJob code and add some missing documentation [resolved/fixed]
  • 519269 NullPointerException in [resolved/fixed]

Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework

SWT (11)
  • 483791 setBackground overrides GC drawing in PaintListener [verified/fixed]
  • 513761 Tree with columns and with CHECK and VIRTUAL styles renders checkboxes in 2 columns [verified/fixed]
  • 519295 Invisible settings button in validation preferences [verified/fixed]
  • 522733 Crash on close with webkitgtk 2.18 [verified/fixed]
  • 525339 testBrowser5 failing in (4.7.1) M-builds [verified/fixed]
  • 528155 Table.Tree forgets to set SWT.SELECTED bit on PaintItem [verified/fixed]
  • 528251 View tab not highlighted due to another view with a CTabFolder [verified/fixed]
  • 528415 CTabFolder tabs vanish after mouse-over [verified/fixed]
  • 529026 Test failures in org.eclipse.ui.tests.forms [verified/fixed]
  • 529327 Dragging and dropping editor tabs does not work when 'Scale for menu and title bar' (Unity.Ubuntu Display Settings) is other than '1' [verified/fixed]
  • 519015 Tab after 4 spaces is not visible [verified/fixed]
Text (3)
  • 434194 'Show whitespace character' option makes the editor slow if there are many spaces [resolved/fixed]
  • 481968 LineNumberRulerColumn.doPaint ignores LineSpacing of StyledText [resolved/fixed]
  • 527830 Add a hyperlinkDetectorTarget for the generic editor [resolved/fixed]
UI (3)See full list on
  • 529658 ClassCastException in AreaRenderer if only one stack is visible [resolved/fixed]
  • 447011 NPE in TrimPaneLayout.setCursor [closed/duplicate]
  • 521489 NullPointerException in TrimPaneLayout.setCursor [resolved/fixed]
User Assistance (1)

Eclipse Amalgamation

  • 509819 NPE in SearchIndex.removeDocument [resolved/fixed]