Eve Online Drake

An extremely well-tested fit designed to help newbies within Emerging Conduits:
1.) Possible changes One (1) Ballistic Control can be substituted for a Drone Damage Amplifier. Use Valkyrie II's or Hammerhead drones. Hob 1's were just low SP to include. Republic Fleet Valkyries, though expensive, have proven to be fast and able to always hit Damaviks with their buffed turret-tracking speed.
2.) Use Nova Heavy missiles to save isk on ammo or Caldari Nova for better DPS!
3.) The missile precision script is useful against the Raznaborg Damaviks (if they have no modifier in front of their name like 'Starving' then it is important to know that they have a high DPS in the damage charts).
4.) Don't turn on the Auto Targeting System 1, you already get the key bonus.
5.) If you have a lot of ISK, just fit this to a Drake Navy Issue (the more expensive version) and add a Micro Warp Drive, or a Target Painter. If one person in your team has a target painter, it really helps out on the super low Signature Radius of all Triglavian Damaviks.
6.) Note: This is a standard Battelcruiser which is meant to be Alpha Friendly and obtainable in cost. So no, it cannot solo Emerging Conduits, for that you need a Praxis Battleship or truly: A Rattlesnake. Yes, they're expensive, but all solo farming setups are.
7.) Grab a few friends, undock, and have fun! Starting an Emerging Conduit Fleet that is open to 'My Corp' and 'My Alliance' And those with Good standings always brings a lot of friends to you! Conduits are found in the Agency tab under 'Exploration' and 'Combat Anomalies' then right click on the word 'Emerging Conduit' and warp to.
8.) With a half-dozen friends in these and Osprey shield logi (healing ships) you are even able to bring these into red inVaded systems which have all triangle text wording. They hide the higher-level 'Minor Conduits.' I've brought this exacty Drake build with teams into Minor, and even Major Conduits. Major conduits will require a few friends in battleships though to help the Drakes kill trig Leshaks. And a lot of Osprey or 2-3 Basilisk (t2 Logi)
9.) Fire missiles the moment you have a lock. And get that lock the moment they appear. On waves 2 and 3 this is all that seperates a small team from taking real damage or clearing fast. Most players are dangerously slow to fire a missile at the target that has appeared.
10.) Have someone bring a Mobile Tractor Unit to collect loot, since it has a pure tank and no propulsion mods!
'F.C., can I bring my Drake?'
'Yes, my Padawan, you can always bring your Drake.'

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  • The drake is not exactly known for its slender figure and nimble advance. In other words, it's a slow fat blob that will get hit by anything anyway. The afterburner is mainly meant for those missions where you have to travel from one gate to the next, other than that it will probably only be useful against battleship sized weapons if at all.
  • Drake Navy Issue: 88,711 ships destroyed and 16,321 ships lost. To celebrate zKillboard's addition to the Eve Online Partnership Program, we are celebrating.

Role: Ship-of-the-Line/Meme. Hull Length: 534 Meters. From the earliest days of EVE Online, the Drake has proudly served as a multi-purpose vessel, used both for PvE missions as well as an entry.

Eve Online Drake


Fit: Drake, Solo PvP, HAM by Vale Koenig   EVE Workbench



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Eve Online Drake Navy Issue Builds

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