Eve Online Federation Grand Prix

Start your warp drives, it’s time for the Federation Grand Prix once more! Introducing new landmark sights to see, plus daily rewards and multiple circuit routes across New Eden, the fastest Capsuleers in the cluster can compete against each other for glory until 11:00 UTC on 23 March.

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🏁 The results are in! 🏁 It’s been 13 days of frantic racing with capsuleers striving to improve their times on the leaderboards across the 3 routes of the Federation Grand Prix. Competitors have had to fine tune their ships and their tactics in order to pull off some epic runs! Comparing the first times posted back on the 13th to the final times it’s pretty remarkable to see the. The Federation Grand Prix celebrates Federation Day by giving you the opportunity to prove that you're the fastest pilot in New Eden! Race across the galaxy and compete against the clock as you fly past some of the most iconic sites, systems, and wrecks in known space.


Federation Grand Prix – Daily challenges

As part of the Reign Quadrant, the daily Federation Grand Prix seasonal challenges will task you with getting yourself to the start line in the Luminaire system and then racing to a number of selected landmark locations within a designated time limit to earn rewards.

You’ll get to know parts of New Eden in a way you may never have before and claim challenge rewards such as Luminaire Zenith SKINs and Grand Prix Boosters.

The Federation Grand Prix is here! In addition to the awesome in-game rewards you can pick up for tackling the daily challenges during the event we’re running an additional contest for those of you who are particularly k&hellip. Loved it when I flew through 10 systems, then warped around like a lost chicken trying to find the deep lore landmark with no beacons and then watching the objective reset back to the '0/1 Go to the Federation Grand Prix'. Project Discovery nominated for Webby Award. By EVE Online Team 2:00pm on Friday 30th April 2021. Pioneering Capsuleers, Project Discovery, the groundbreaking citizen science project and mini-game found within EVE Online, has been nominated for Best Public Service, Activism, and Social Impact Game in the 25th Annual Webby Awards.

Federation Grand Prix – Daily login rewards

Until 11:00 UTC on 23 March, you can log in to EVE Online daily and get free rewards as part of the Federation Grand Prix event!

Rewards for Alpha pilots include an Expert System that will temporarily grant any pilot the necessary skills and skill levels to fly speedy Interceptors, perfect for the daily challenges! Alphas can also claim Grand Prix Velocity Boosters, Luminaire Zenith SKINs, and 15,000 Skill Points. Omega pilots get all of the Alpha rewards plus more Luminaire Zenith SKINs, an extra 35,000 Skill Points, and an extra Grand Prix Warp Booster for further race day advantages!

Remember, you must log in on at least 7 days of the event to claim all the rewards, but those days need not be consecutive.

New landmarks

New landmarks added to New Eden include the Statue of Chribba which pays tribute to a much celebrated and respected Capsuleer in the EVE community, the Alliance Tournament Monument that commemorates the majesty of competitive combat on a legendary scale, the Project Discovery Phase Two Monument that celebrates the Capsuleers’ contribution to the discovery of exoplanets, the Doriam II Memorial that stands in memory of a well-loved Amarr emperor, and more!

Abyssal proving grounds

There will also be a new Abyssal Proving Grounds event going live between 12 and 16 March to coincide with the theme of the Federation Grand Prix. You can engage in 1v1 Interceptor combat with a special 100% ship velocity bonus!

Federation Grand Prix contest – Time trials

The quickest and craftiest Capsuleers can also write their name into the history books of New Eden as well as getting their hands on some other great prizes! In addition to the awesome in-game rewards you can pick up for tackling the daily challenges during the event CCP is running an additional contest for those who are particularly keen on optimizing their racing ships - the Federation Grand Prix Time Trials!

Contest Details:

  • The contest will run from 11:00 UTC on Thursday, March 11 to 11:00 UTC on Tuesday, March 23.
  • After a capsuleer has completed each of the 3 routes as part of the untimed Federation Grand Prix live event, they will then be able to begin the repeatable Extra Lap version of the challenge. It is only these Extra Lap challenges which count towards your leaderboard times.
  • There is a separate leaderboard for each of the 3 routes - Southern, Eastern and Northern (see bottom of this post).
  • Each leaderboard will track the top 10 fastest times for that route. Leaderboards will be updated daily with the results from the previous day.
  • Capsuleers can appear on multiple leaderboards however only their fastest time for each route will be counted.
  • Capsuleers will be awarded points based on the final position they achieve on the leaderboard for each route. Points will be added together across different leaderboards to get a capsuleer’s Final Score.

Leaderboard Scoring:

1st Place – 25 points
2nd Place – 20 points
3rd Place – 18 points
4th Place – 15 points
5th Place – 12 points
6th Place – 10 points
7th Place – 8 points
8th Place – 6 points
9th Place – 4 points
10th Place – 2 points

Scoring example: At conclusion of the contest period a capsuleer is in 1st Place on the Southern route (25 points), 3rd Place on the Eastern route (18 points) and 8th Place on the Northern route (6 points) they will receive a Final Score of 49 points. There is a system for tie breaks.

Prizes for Top 10 Final Scores:

1st Place – 12 months Omega, Federal Police Thanatos SKIN
2nd Place – 6 months Omega, Federal Police Dominix SKIN
3rd Place – 6 months Omega, Federal Police Megathron SKIN
4th Place – 6 months Omega, Federal Police Hyperion SKIN
5th Place – 3 months Omega, Federal Police Vexor Navy Issue SKIN
6th Place – 3 months Omega, Federal Police Brutix Navy Issue SKIN
7th Place – 3 months Omega, Federal Police Brutix SKIN
8th Place – 1 month Omega, Federal Police Ishtar SKIN
9th Place – 1 month Omega, Federal Police Vexor SKIN
10th Place – 1 month Omega, Federal Police Thorax SKIN

Even if you don’t make the final Top 10, all capsuleers who finish on the leaderboard for any routes will have their names immortalised on a monument which will be added to the Luminaire system for this and future Federation Grand Prix events.

Bonus Community Prize for Doing it Wrong

Do you think you can pull off one of the Grand Prix routes in an Orca? How about a shield tanked nano Kronos with Festival Lanchers?

While it’s expected the leaderboards to be dominated by super fast and agile ships as befits a Grand Prix CCP would like to invite brave (or crazy) capsuleers to attempt to complete any of these routes in an “unorthodox” ship. Come up with something creative, bizarre and/or funny and upload a video of your attempt (successful or otherwise)! CCP will put it to a vote by the community and if your video is chosen as the people’s favourite you will receive 12 months of Omega as well as a Federal Police Nyx SKIN!

Prizes will be awarded in a timely fashion!


Eve Online Federation Grand Prix Tickets

  • Capsuleers are free to be as creative or as devious as they wish. If you come up with some sneaky way to shave off some precious seconds (or entire jumps) then go for it!
  • Your time between checkpoints is tracked using our own internal methods. Only times posted by CCP on the leaderboards are considered official.
  • Only one character per human player will be eligible for prizes. CCP will be checking the winners list for alts. In the event CCP identifies a competitor who has appeared multiple times on the Final Score list only the highest score attained by a character owned by that capsuleer will be counted.