Eve Online Omen

I cancelled the subscription on one account and the button now displays: “undo cancel subscription”

  1. Eve Online Omen Abyssal Fit
  2. Eve Online Omen Fit
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  5. Eve Online Omen Fit
  • The Omen is an Amarr cruiser, the middle-sized class of ships. It specializes in using lasers, though it carries drones and has a decently flexible slot layout, as far as Amarr ships go.
  • My Jackdaw Fit (I switch Resistance depending on the type of NPC). Game: EVE Online Editing software used: Adobe.

LIsa Quantum (Light of the Sky) lost their Omen in R-ARKN (Esoteria). Final Blow by Immanuel Kan (No Vacancies) flying in a Sabre. Total Value: 35,153,654.45 ISK.

Eve Online Omen Abyssal Fit

However in the change subscription plan menu, it still displays my next billing date.

Edit: Also in the Account info says this:

Eve Online Omen Fit

Subscription and payment

Account Type

Omega Account

Current Subscription

1 Month EVE subscription - Paying with PayPal

Account Expires

01 August 2019 - 4:32 pm UTC (in 66 days)

Eve Online Omen

Does this mean the subscription is still active or not?

Eve Omen Fitting

Should I cancel my paypal account just in case

Eve Online Omen Fit

How to make sure to cancel the subscription and in the future how to buy game time without activating a subscription in the first place?