Gesture Task Chair

  • Other office task chairs are designed to hold a static upright position. The Gesture, however, can support a wide range of postures through the back, seat and arms. Using 3D LiveBack Technology, the Gesture mimics the natural motion of the spine by conforming to their natural movement and contouring to all postures. Creating a deep recline.
  • Influenced by the natural motions of the human body, the Gesture chair by Steelcase was created for the way people work, move, and sit. We didn't start with a chair design. We started by looking at the unique movements and gestures of the body.


– Wrapped Back
– Adjustable Lower Lumbar Slide
– Color Scheme: Light/Light
– Upholstery: Cogent Connect, Malt (5S27)

Steelcase Gesture Used Task Chair, Gray Features: Adjustable height Seat depth Recline lock and tension Adjustable arms height Swivel forward and back arm p FURNISHING WORKSPACES FOR LESS NATIONWIDE – SAVE UP TO 80% ON OFFICE FURNITURE. In this work of historical fiction, a twelve-year-old girl called Emmetje journeys from the streets of Constantinople to the decks of a smuggling boat and on to the back streets and canals of 17t h century Amsterdam. In her pocket she carries the bulb of a unique blue tulip, and in her hand is a strange treasure map that uncovers the heart of a nation's strange obsession. Emmetje's mother had.

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Body language gestures are nonverbal forms of communication, and can be a powerful tool to interpret the thoughts of people around you.

Sometimes, a single posture can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the situation.

You can understand what is going on in the other person’s mind by 55% of their nonverbal communication in the form of body language gestures and 38% by the tone of their voice. Body language and gestures can help convey most of your feelings, without having to put the emotions in words. If you understand the hidden meanings of the various signs of body language, you can virtually read a person like a book. Let us see some of the gestures that will help in interpreting body language.

For example, people who cross their arms, generally close themselves to social influence. They tend to be slightly reserved and maybe uncomfortable with their weight. Well, resting arms behind neck mean the person is open for a discussion and waiting to give his opinion. Similarly, a boy with his hands in his pockets is probably relaxed, while a man tilting his head and smiling means he’s flirting.

Different Gestures in Body Language and their Meaning

Standing with Hands on Hips

A man standing with hands on hips indicates aggressiveness and a dominating attitude. However, women use this gesture to appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

Standing with Legs Crossed

A man standing with crossed legs indicates a lack of confidence, but not a woman, because women are more used to crossing their legs, especially when they wear skirts.

Sitting with Legs Uncrossed

Sitting with Legs Uncrossed indicates an open attitude, both in females and males.

Touching or Playing with Hair

Touching or playing with hair is a flirting gesture seen in women. It might also indicate a lack of self-confidence.

Gesture Task Chair

Tilting the head

Tilting the head is seen in both men and women, and is usually accompanied by a smile. It indicates display of affection.

The Cowboy Stance

The Cowboy Stance is a flirting gesture observed in men who’re trying to attract the attention of the woman they are attracted to.

Covering the Mouth

Covering the Mouth is used to hide an emotional reaction, such as a frown or a smile. It is also used to express surprise and amazement, as seen in the image above.

Crossed Arms

You’ll find many people posing with crossed arms in photographs. However, this is a negative body language gesture that indicates defensiveness or stress.

Pinching the Bridge of Nose

Pinching the bridge of nose indicates that the person is contemplating or trying to evaluate something. It may also indicate disapproval or frustration.

Rubbing the Eyes

Rubbing the eyes is a gesture that indicates that the person is tired and feeling sleepy. It may also indicate doubt or disbelief.

Clasped Hands Behind Back

Steelcase Gesture Task Chair

Clasped hands behind back indicates confidence and authoritative behavior.

Stroking the Chin

Stroking the chin indicates that the person is trying to make a decision.

Head Up or Chin Thrust

Head up and chin thrust is a posture commonly used by models to pose for photographs, and is an indication of confidence.

Biting the Nails

While it can be a habit for some, more often than not, the gesture of biting nails is a proof of insecurity and nervousness.

Adjusting One’s Tie or Cuff

Gesture Task Chair

This gesture is a sign of nervousness, and can take other forms, such as adjusting one’s watchstrap or holding a file close to the chest. This is known as a “barrier signal”.