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If your datetime has a 'Z' at the end, it means it is in UTC time. For example: 2020-04-10T01:387Z. Please see Standard date and time format strings for more information about datetime formats. You may get errors where your date time string is not in the correct format, ex. 'The date time string must match ISO8601 format'.

This time zone converter lets you visually and very quickly convert UTC to IST and vice-versa. Simply mouse over the colored hour-tiles and glance at the hours selected by the column. UTC stands for Universal Time. IST is known as India Standard Time. UTC−08:00 (Zone 4 or Northwest Zone) — the state of Baja California UTC−07:00 (Zone 3 or Pacific Zone) — the states of Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Nayarit, Sinaloa and Sonora UTC−06:00 (Zone 2 or Central Zone) — most of Mexico UTC−05:00 (Zone 1 or Southeast Zone) — the state of Quintana Roo: Time in Mexico Chile: 3. No locations are currently on IST – Israel Standard Time. Observes IST – Israel Standard Time part of the year, but not currently. Currently has same time zone offset as IST (UTC +2) but different time zone name.

  1. Convert from UTC to a specified timezone.
    We can use the TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc static method in an Assign activity (Invoke Method can work as well), setting first parameter to the UTC DateTime object and the second parameter to a TimeZoneInfo object which represent the target Timezone. The TimeZoneInfo object can be created with the help of TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById method where we need to specify the name of the timezone we want, like India Standard Time or Tokyo Standard Time.

  2. Convert from a specified timezone to UTC
    We can use the TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeToUtc static method in a similar way as above, just that the second parameter is used to specify the source timezone. Note: the source DateTime object must have the Kind property set to DateTimeKind.Unspecified.

Ist Time Zone In Utc

Please check the attached workflow or project to see how to use the above methods to convert the result of an activity from the Cron Expression package.
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The project was created in UiPath Studio 2019.10.2 and it references the UiPathTeam.CronHelper.Activities package which can be found in the Go! feed or on UiPath Go!. The project contains a single workflow, the one attached here. In case you can’t open the project, download the workflow and add it in a new project and reference the UiPathTeam.CronHelper.Activities package.

This post was created to answer a question for the Cron Expression component available on UiPath Go!

IST stands for India Standard Time (in use)

UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time (in use)

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Convert Utc To Ist


Friday, May 7, 2021


Friday, May 7, 2021

IST(India Standard Time) and UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) Mapping Table
IST (India Standard Time)UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
00:0018:30-1 day
01:0019:30-1 day
02:0020:30-1 day
03:0021:30-1 day
04:0022:30-1 day
05:0023:30-1 day

IST (India Standard Time)

India Standard Time(IST) is 05:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal(UTC) Time.This timezone is used during standard time in: AsiaIndia Standard Time is a half-hour time zone. Its local time differs by 30 minutes instead of the normal whole hour.

Typical City of IST (India Standard Time)

India - Kolkata (All Year)

Ist In Utc

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Utc 5 Eastern Time Zone

Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) has no offset from Coordinated Universal(UTC) Time.