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A short space of time; a moment. See Synonyms at moment.
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(ˈdʒɪfɪ) or


n, pljiffiesorjiffs
[C18: of unknown origin]
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(ˈdʒɪf i)

also jiff

n., pl. jif•fies also jiffs.Informal.
a very short time; moment; instant: to get dressed in a jiffy.
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- An actual unit of time, .01 seconds.
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Noun1.jiffy - a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat); 'if I had the chance I'd do it in a flash'
instant, New York minute, split second, trice, twinkling, wink, blink of an eye, heartbeat, flash
mo, moment, second, minute, bit - an indefinitely short time; 'wait just a moment'; 'in a mo'; 'it only takes a minute'; 'in just a bit'
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Jiffy Cornbread

noun(Informal)moment, second, flash, instant, twinkling, split second, trice, bat of an eye(informal)I'll have this truck fixed in a jiffy.
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nounInformal. A very brief time:Jiffylube.com
crack, flash, instant, minute, moment, second, trice, twinkle, twinkling, wink.
Chiefly British: tick.
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[ˈdʒɪfɪ]Nmomentom, segundo m
in a jiffyen un santiamén, en un momento, en un segundito (LAm)
to do sth in a jiffyhacer algo en un santiaménormomento
wait a jiffyespera un momentito, momentito (LAm), ahoritavoy (Mex)
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in a jiffy → en un clin d'œilJiffy bag® nenveloppefmatelassée
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, jiff
n (inf)Minütchennt (inf); I won’t be a jiffyich kommesofortor gleich; (= back soon)ich bin sofortor gleich wieder da; wait a jiffy!Augenblick (mal)!(inf); in a jiffysofort, gleich
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[ˈdʒɪfɪ]n (fam) in a jiffyin un baleno, in un batter d'occhio
wait a jiffy → aspetta un attimo
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(ˈdʒifi) noun
a moment. I'll be back in a jiffy. japtrap, ommesientjie, gou-gou, een-twee-drie لَحْظَه، في لَحْظَه миг instante okamžik der Augenblick i løbet af nul komma fem στιγμήinstante, santiamén silmapilk لحظه؛ آن hetki en moins de deux רגע पल časak, tren pillanat waktu sesaat, sebentar augnablik momento, istante 瞬間 잠시 akimirksnis []mirklis sekejap lagi ogenblikje øyeblikk, blunk momencik شيبه، سترګرپ instante moment миг okamih trenutek tren ögonblick, nafs ชั่วเวลาประเดี๋ยว; ชั่วครู่เดียว an, lâhza 一會兒 мить تھوڑا وقفہ chốc lát 一会儿


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