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Jitsi Amazon Aws

I’m trying to deploy an instance of Jitsi on an AWS EC2 box and am unsure where I am going wrong. I’ve had good success with Nginx as my web server prior. But am hoping to leverage the 443 only environment when using Jetty as we hope to use Jitsi in Schools to deliver Online mentoring.

Will set up live video conferencing WebRtc setup on your Amazon AWS server and then can do customised modification on same with extra time and cost. Primary the Basic offer include setup of Jitsi Meet video conferencing with all its setup and requirement. Will also provide you basic go through as how this thing work and how you can modify. AWS has a version 8 of their java jdk, Corretto. Corretto is interesting for jitsi, especially the videobridge, since it has asm/C crypto routines (which run only on linux). AWS claims 25% improvements for crypto heavy.


Step 1
Configure and EC2 box with 80 & 443 ports open ( Do I need other ports here? UDP 1000 might be blocked in schools)

Jitsi On Aws

Step 2
Follow the instructions on https://jitsi.org/downloads/ . Seems to install fine. I also set up a letsencrypt cert.

Jitsi amazon aws account

Step 3
Now what? Do I need to do some configuring? On Nginx I could browse the website but I wonder if I need to do more with Jetty? I did find https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/doc/http.md but am unsure if this is where I should be focusing my attention and the instructions are a tad vague.

Jitsi Meet Web


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Jitsi Pricing

We are creating AWS auto-scaling for jitsi. However no documentation were found. We would like to have presence for conferencing in multiple regions as the ideal solution. But willing to start small and grow as we go. Any recommendation, suggestions, cloud formation templates, etc? We have just one “meet” server stood up but now would like to use conferencing in the autoscaling group but can’t find any details how to configure so and how to point “meet” to pick and choose a conferencing server.
This article gives somewhat basic info but no details whatsoever.