Lg C9 Plex

I have a 2019 LG C9 and the plex app is great. UI works well, plays back my 4K videos without issue. It’s not some stripped down version of plex. Although some files do work in DV, 90% don't seem to work on LG C9's Plex App. Plex wont detect the DV and will transcode the file and play in SDR instead with funky colors. On LG CX Plex same files work fine. Known problems for LG C9 Audio related Feature affected: eARC Description: does not pass-through 6/8 channel LPCM, only 2.0 channel LPCM (Stereo); Mitigation: the C9 can be forced to accept 8ch LPCM with an (HDFury or similar) EDID adapter inserted between the source and the TV - RTINGS tested again, and AudioEDID manipulation does not actually work on the C9; But with an HDFury DIVA inserted. LG OLED C9 Plex App - Audio Formats. February 10, 2020, 2:36am #1. I have an LG OLED55C9 hooked up to a Denon AVR-S750H. LG OLED C9 - Plex app constantly buffering Help So I had a C7 model but issues came up with it so i upgraded to the C9 and since then, my Plex app constantly buffers. I'm unable to actually finish a half hour anime because it will buffer dozens of times. Is this (still) happening with anyone else using LG OLED model tvs with the smart tv Plex app?

Lg C9 PlexPlexPlex

Server Version#: Version
Player Version#: 5.1.0 / 4.8.0 (Early Access LG Client)

Lg C9 Plex

I was hoping someone could help me with an issue I have been testing today.

I have a collection of HEVC 4K HDR files with TRUEHD7.1 tracks.

Lg C9 Plex

I can use Xplay and the files direct play and work fine, I can use a firestick and the files also play fine (not checked if also direct playing)


The LG plex app reports no ability to play truehd which is technically true as it can’t pass through full HD audio so the server then transcodes the audio from 7.1 truehd to 7.1 eac.

Server spec:
Intel® Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
2x 3TB RAID 0
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-42-generic x86_64)

Lg C9 Oled

The files are not corrupted, it seems to be some sort of issue with the transcode it looks exactly like the post here:

@ourcontact said: I have the changes listed above for the HTML TV App.xml profile and it did make some improvements. I have come across another problem video and would like to understand how I can resolve, not just someone fix for me - but that would be nice too… So this one (Life of Pi 2160p 4K HDR10 HEVC BT2020 DTSHD) again plays perfectly in the Video DLNA app with DirectPlay. When I use the LG app I get DirectStream and it ends up with occasional video, but mostly a rainbow of bleeding …

I have tried removing the intel drivers as I thought this looked like a similar problem but it did not help:

Server Version#: (QNAP NAS) Player Version#: (Android Mobile) Since version hardware transcondig fails regardless of the client device (Android TV, Android Phone, Chromcast Ultra, Windows 10) used. [PLEX_1] As a workarround I can disable the hardware transcondig on the PLEX Media Server. But this results in a very high CPU load on my QNAP 453Be NAS (Intel J3455 HD Graphics 500) Changing the transcoder settings doen’t make any diffrence. So for the momen…

I do have another server running Ubuntu 18.04 I could test the same files with but thought I would post here to see if it is a known issue?

What is very strange is my version of Ready Player One plays perfectly with no glitches even when transcoding the audio track. But a version of Thor Ragnarok and The Fifth Element show immediate glitching unless I switch to a 5.1 AC3 track which then direct plays.