M8a1 War Thunder

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M8a1 War Thunder

We begin the Winter Holiday War Thunder Specials! First we have some interesting tasks for Prize Vehicles: The Soviet fighter - I-301 and the US M8A1.

The M8A1 is a Rank 1 Premium Event vehicle for the US tech tree. It sits at BR 2.7 and is literally a baby M18 Hellcat. The Baby Hellcat can zip around the b. Open Golden eagles. Open Premium account. Open Special offers. IJN Mikuma Pack. USS Helena Pack. German Fiat G.91 R/4 Pack. Swedish Starter Pack. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today.

Every day a short task will be added which can be completed until the end of the specials. For now, there are two ways to earn the vehicle:

  1. You should complete all the tasks - after that you will receive your vehicle immediately.
  2. After completing any listed task you will have a small chance to get one of these vehicles instantly.

There will be other ways to earn these vehicles too. Stay Tuned!

There will be 19 tasks! You have time to complete them till 11th of January 2015, so there is no need to complete them the day they were announced!





(24 December)

30 kills while flying Spitfire

40 kills while driving Т-34


(25 December)

30 kills while flying P-400 or Airacobra

40 kills while driving T-28, SMK or T-35


(26 December)

30 kills while flying Bf 10940 kills while driving PzKpfw IV


(27 December)

30 ground units destroyed while flying Ju 8740 kills while driving any US tank from Era I + M5A1 and M4A1


(28 December)

30 kills while flying Zeroes40 kills while driving Soviet Tank Destroyers


(29 December)

30 air kills in US Naval Fighters40 kills while driving German Medium Tanks


(30 December)

30 air kills while flying Yaks40 kills while driving KV Tanks


(31 December)

Win five air battles, 50% activityWin five tank battles, 50% activity


(01 January)

5 kills while flying any reserve aircraft5 kills while driving any reserve tank


(02 January)

30 air kills while flying Hawker Fighters40 kills while driving Pz III


(03 January)

30 air kills while flying Ki Fighters40 kills while driving Light Tanks


(04 January)

30 ground kills with SB bomber series40 kills while using 45mm cannon


(05 January)

30 air kills while flying US Army Fighters40 kills while driving vehicles based on 38(t)


(06 January)

30 air kills while flying Fw 190Destroy 20 US tanks by driving German tanks


(07 January)

30 ground kills with any Flying Boat40 kills while driving Soviet Light Tanks


(08 January)

30 air kills while flying LaGGs40 kills while driving era. II Soviet Tanks


(09 January)

30 air kills while flying P-36 & P-4040 kills while driving German Tank Destroyers


(10 January)

30 ground kills with any Japanese bomberDestroy 20 US tanks by driving Soviet tanks


(11 January)

30 air kills while flying Italian Fighters20 kills while using 50mm cannon


The aircraft was designed from 1939-1940. It was designed to compete with a threat of the Bf.109 which Soviets encountered in Spain, it became the I-301, developed by SA Lavochkin, VP Gorbunov and MI Gudkov. It then became LaGG-3 in serial production which later resulted in further development of the highly successful La series of fighters. In game I-301 is on BR 2.3


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To meet the needs of US troops on the battlefield, armoured self-propelled guns, capable of providing close support, in 1941-42. experiments were conducted to install Howitzers on the chassis of light tanks and armoured personnel carriers. During production, 1778 units were made of the M8. To increase the combat capabilities of the M8, it was upgraded to the M8A1 modified version with more powerful weapons and modified turret. However, this modification was not moved into mass production, but subsequently, SAU M8 M4 tanks replaced with a 105-mm howitzer. In game M8A1 is on BR 2.0

There are more Winter Holiday Specials to come, please keep your eyes open for more news about a special Christmas Title, Achievement bonuses and discounts. Have a fantastic Holiday Season.