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Magnify your PC screen up to 36 times with MAGic

Now computer users who need low vision aids due to macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, or other causes of low vision can take control of Web and software application pages. No longer will you struggle with type too small to see and images with indecipherable details. MAGic® screen magnification software not only increases the size of what you see on a monitor, but MAGic with Speech also speaks aloud screen contents. MAGic makes school research on the Web less challenging for those with vision loss. It smooths the way for work projects that involve report writing, spreadsheets, and working with common office-related software. MAGic even makes leisure Web browsing, letter writing, blogging, chatting, and other social activities that involve the computer possible and more fun for people with vision loss.

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Check out the Large Print Keyboard for MAGic and JAWS!

New! True Dual Monitor Feature

Magic Mesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Double Door $29. 99 (1) View Wishlist Added to Wishlist Elements Screen Door, White, 81.5-in $179. 99 (2) Slides changed after scrolling. Slides changed after scrolling. FEATURES Magic Mesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen. Why choose Magic Screens. The quality of our retractable screen and the workmanship of our installers. MADE IN CANADA, Mirage Screens has incorporated all the best features of other retractable screen manufacturers and applied them to the Mirage Screen at a higher quality level.

Finally, a real dual monitor solution for those with low vision. All your employees can now have the same dual monitor solution. Increase productivity by easily referencing information on one monitor while editing documents in the other monitor.

MAGic screen magnifier features:

  • Customize your monitor view for ease of reading: add tinting to your screen, or set the contents of your screen to appear in monochrome. You also can invert brightness and colors, and switch the colors of the text and background – whatever makes it most comfortable for you to read
  • Eliminate screen glare and boost contrast, using the color enhancements feature
  • Keep track of your mouse pointer and cursor with customizable controls
  • Learn to use MAGic in a breeze. It comes with both talking and large-print installation and more than five hours of basic training in accessible DAISY text and audio.

JAWS spoken here

MAGic is fully compatible with our JAWS® screen reader, and uses many of the same reading commands as JAWS. This makes MAGic easy to use for those who already use JAWS for screen reading. MAGic adds visual enhancements when used in conjunction with JAWS.

Customize your MAGic for applications with MAGic Pro Scripting Edition

MAGic® Pro Scripting Edition adds a whole new level of customization to your already-powerful MAGic screen magnification software. This edition gives you the ability to increase flexibility and enhance productivity by creating and running custom scripts to modify the behavior of MAGic in any application.

Eliminate distractions and increase focus

Magic Screen Repair

Choose only the information you want to read from your screen, as you navigate through magnified Windows applications. Have MAGic with speech highlight magnified words on the screen as it reads them aloud.

Magic Screen

MAGic is available in two versions:

  • MAGic Professional without Speech for all versions of Windows

  • MAGic Professional with Speech for all versions of Windows

Screen Magic is a sprayable screen cleaner that says it can save you from the drudgery of cleaning off your window screens, just by spraying it on. But can this really work as good as a thorough scrubbing?

If you spend any time cleaning your windows you owe it to yourself to keep the screens clean as well, because it doesn’t make sense to have clean windows behind dirty screens. But the screens are typically harder to wash, without such a good payoff in appearance. Many times you can clean a screen and it doesn’t look drastically different than when you started. But this screen cleaner is supposed to make it so they look as good as new, without a lot of effort on your part.

The Claim
The makers of Screen Magic say that you’ll be able to simply spray it on and walk away. They boldly state that you don’t have to rinse this off with water after spraying it on. They also say you don’t have to lift a finger to scrub it, and that your screens will end up looking like new when you finish. Not only that, but they say that it repels dust, so it will increase the time in between treatments. They say you’ll only have to apply the treatment every six months to have screens that look like new all year long.

They say that it’s also a way to treat your screens with UV inhibitors so that your screens won’t fade over time, and will look better longer. They say when you spray it on it won’t leave any streaks behind, and that you’re only taking about a minute per screen to use this. They say you don’t have to take the screens down in order to spray them, meaning you only make one trip up the ladder to spray them, and one trip down. On top of all of that they say that you will be shining up the frame at the same time.

The Hype
The hype here is that they have to get you to want to clean your screens, when most of us are content to just let them ride, or spray them off with a hose and call it a done job. They’ve got to sell you on the idea that you should take your screen down, spray them with this, and then put them back up. Or just leave them in place and spray them right where they are.

The Cost
You get a bottle of Screen Magic for $28 but they don’t specify which size it is. It may seem a bit pricey for a cleaning solution, but considering you only have to use it twice a year it’s not too bad.

The Commitment
Your lack of involvement is a major selling factor for Screen Magic. They show a side by side comparison of two people cleaning a window screen. One person is shown using a lot of energy and elbow grease to get the screen clean, while the other one is shown simply spraying it down and waiting until it’s done its job.

Screen Magic definitely addresses a pretty common problem, and chances are there are millions of homes across the USA that could stand to have their window screens cleaned. They sell their product for commercial use as well, so window washers are able to buy this in bulk in a concentrated form that they can dilute and use as needed.

Magic screen green screen

The appeal of being able to use this just twice a year is too big to pass up. Compared to having to clean your screens more often than that, and having to take them off the windows to clean them properly, this is a much better choice, and we were unable to find anything that offers a similar benefit at a similar price point.

Final Screen Magic Review

Screen Magic is getting our Thumbs Up rating due to the large amount of positive feedback it’s received in relation to how well it works once you get it home and start using it on your screens. Usually we try to find a comparable product that does as good of a job. There are a few screen cleaning options for you to consider, such as the ScreenKleen, which takes a different approach and gets pretty good reviews. But overall we weren’t able to find any cleaner where you just spray and the job’s done.

Magic Screen Led Display

Our Recommendation
This is a product that will definitely make life easier for you if you regularly clean your screens, and also if you rarely if ever clean your screens. That should apply to a lot of different people, and so it’s likely that they will be able to stay in business quite a long time riding on the success of this nearly effortless screen cleaner.

Magic screen masks

What do you think? Does Screen Magic work or not?