Mysql Xampp Mac

By default, XAMPP has no passwords set and it is not recommended to run XAMPP with this configuration as it is accessible to others.

Simply type the following command (as root) to start a simple security check:

C: xampp mysql binmysql -V mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 5.4.1, for Win32 (AMD64) Alternatively, you will find a readmeen.txt file in your xampp installation folder. It will contain MySQL version number used for xampp installation, and looks something like the following. In addition to the core installation, the Package Installer also includes Chapter 3, Installing a MySQL Launch Daemon and Chapter 4, Installing and Using the MySQL Preference Pane, both of which simplify the management of your installation. I used the ‘Test Connection’ button which prompted me for a password. After supplying the proper password I finally was inform by MySQLWorkbench that I was ‘Connected to MySQL using local socket/pipe Connection parameters are correct’! FYI: I am using: Mac OS X v10.6.8, XAMPP for Mac OS X v1.7.3, and MySQLWorkbench v5.2.42. If mysql is not starting in xampp, it might be a port conflict issue. Mysql run by default on port 3306. You need to check if another application is occupying that port. Use following command to check app occupying a port lsof -nP -i4TCP:3306 if you find an application occupying that port, stop the application and restart xampp.

Mysql Not Running In Xampp Mac

sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp security

Now you should see the following dialog on your screen:

Port Mysql Xampp Mac


XAMPP: Quick security check...
XAMPP: MySQL is accessable via network.
XAMPP: Normaly that's not recommended. Do you want me to turn it off? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Turned off.
XAMPP: Stopping MySQL...
XAMPP: Starting MySQL...
XAMPP: The MySQL/phpMyAdmin user pma has no password set!!!
XAMPP: Do you want to set a password? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Password: ******
XAMPP: Password (again): ******
XAMPP: Setting new MySQL pma password.
XAMPP: Setting phpMyAdmin's pma password to the new one.
XAMPP: MySQL has no root passwort set!!!
XAMPP: Do you want to set a password? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Write the passworde somewhere down to make sure you won't forget it!!!
XAMPP: Password: ******
XAMPP: Password (again): ******
XAMPP: Setting new MySQL root password.
XAMPP: Setting phpMyAdmin's root password to the new one.
XAMPP: The FTP password for user 'nobody' is still set to 'lampp'.
XAMPP: Do you want to change the password? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Password: ******
XAMPP: Password (again): ******
XAMPP: Reload ProFTPD...
XAMPP: Done.

Mysql Xampp MacMysql Xampp Mac

Xampp Mysql Mac Os X

(1) Setting a password will protect the XAMPP demo pages (http://localhost/xampp/) using this password. The user name is 'lampp'!

Mysql Xampp Command Prompt

After running this command, your XAMPP installation should be more secure.