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Naagin 6 (Kuch Toh Hai Naagin) is the spinoff serial of Naagin 5 and is based on the story of Priya, who is the child of an angel and a human. Naagin season 6 (in Hindi नागिन 6) main female lead actress, Priya has special powers and is a hybrid of a human and a fairy. Hina Khan began the show as Sarvashresth Adi Naagin and then Surbhi Chandna took over as the lead. Both the actresses gave good performances in the show. However, the show ended soon due to low.

Naagin 5 ended recently and the show’s exciting plot impressed buffs and admirers. At the moment, fans are keenly waiting for the sixth term of Naagin. So here is the list of actresses fans wish to see as Naagin.

1) Jennifer Winget
The show Naagin 5 ended recently and the fans were impressed with the storyline. The fans are very much waiting for Jennifer Winget to play the lead role in Naagin 6.

2) Rubina Dilaik
Rubina Dilaik is the winner of Bigg Boss 14 winner and has a huge fan-following. Her fans believe that the actress playing a lead role in Naagin 6 would be a great treat.

3) Disha Parmar
Disha Parmar was proposed by Bigg Boss 14’s runner-up, Rahul Vaidya on national television. Her fans believe that watching her in a different role as Naagin could be interesting.

4) Aamna Sharif
Aamna Sharif’s name always comes up when we speak of Naagin and everyone believes that she would be perfect actress to play the lead role in Naagin.

5) Kritika Kamra
The fans of Kritika Kamra really loves to see her in the role of Naagin, as she has done various supernatural shows in the past.

Naagin Season 4 Episode 2

6) Riddhi Dogra
Having played so many strong characters on-screen, the fans believe that Riddhi Dogra would be a perfect fit to play Naagin.

7) Nikki Tamboli
Nikki Tamboli is Bigg Boss 14’s 2nd runner-up and her fans wish to see her doing the role of Naagin.

8) Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya
Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya’s fans believe that she can do the lead role in Naagin 6.

9) Krystle D’souza
Krystle’s name had came up many times during the pre-production period of Naagin 5 and this time her fans wants her to play the lead role in Naagin 6.

10) Sonarika Bhadoria
After doing several mythological roles, she is also considered to be the best actress to do Naagin.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 28 Mar 2021

Kuch Toh Hai (Naagin 6) 27th February 2021 Episode: Mini Thanks and Informal Aaro. : Kuch To Hai is garnering the attention of the audience with its every passing episode. It seems that the show will soon be capped its prequel Naagin season 5. Well, both the children of Naagin and Cheel are bemused about what is going with them. Mrs Khurana is saying that she can’t be saved from Aadishaat. Rehaan there is along with Priya but comes into his Dracula avatar. Mini there who stuck in a riddle later solved it somehow and a stranger something in her hand. She later thanks and informal Aaro.

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Kuch Toh Hai (Naagin 6) 27th February 2021 Episode: Mini Thanks and Informal Aaro.

Naagin 6 Kuch To Hai

A bond is being built between Rehaan and Priya, while they are talking Tina comes to Rehaan and asks for a dance. Rehaan looks at Priya, in Priya says that she doesn’t like to share her boyfriend with anyone. She says that she just asks for a dance. On another side Aro and Mini who is chasing a ghost get powder. An announcement of Rehaan and Priya has been made by Arnav. They both are dancing and their shoulder has bumped against each other while dancing. Mohit and Tina fume after seeing Priya and Rehaan together.

In the latest episode, Priya again hearing the roaring sound she follow the noise. She shocked after seeing Rehaan starts shifting his shape. She terrified after Rehaan takes out his vampire’s teeth. Rehaan asks Priya whats is she doing here as he is losing control of his imagination. It will be interesting to will Rehaan manage to control himself after seeing Priya in front of us. Priya on another side, how will she tackle the things if Rehaan attacks him and will she continues her friendship with Rehaan. Mini and Auro are on their way to find their ghost.

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Kuch Toh Hai is the sequel of the much-pubclized show Naagin season 5. The show is one of the most popular television show. It also acknowledged several accolades from its first season to the last season. The 5th and last season of the show premiered on 9 August 2020 and the finale of the show had been premiered on 6 February 2021.

Naagin 6 cast name and images

But it doesn’t reach the conclusion as it got replaced by Kuch Toh Hai. The show depicts the story of the children of two entirely different creatures Cheel and Eagle considered as a foe since eras. Now, let see what will happen when again two different creature will meet each other. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Kuch Toh Hai Written Episode Update.

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