Php Debug Vscode Xampp

Zendextension = C: xampp php ext phpxdebug-2.9.6-7.4-vc15-x8664.dll xdebug.remoteenable = 1 xdebug.remoteautostart = 1 xdebug.remotehost = localhost xdebug.remotehandler=dbgp xdebug.remoteport = 9000. Windows 10 home + XAMPP + VSCodeで作るデバッグできるPHP開発環境, Download phpxdebug-2.9.1-7.2-vc15-x8664.dll, Move the downloaded file to C: xampp php ext. Composerとは? 自動でXAMPPのPHPが選択されていました。.

Php Debug Vscode Xampp

Install XAMPP and VSCode

Vscode Php Debug Docker

Download and install XAMPP from here.
Download and Install VSCode from here.

Vscode xdebug

From now on, i’m assuming you used the default directory “c:xampp” for XAMPP installation.

Configure PHP executable inside VSCode

PressF1 and type settings.json
Click on the “Open Settings” option like this:

Insert the following lines in the end of your file:

Configuring the PHP executable globally for Windows


Find for “variables” and click on this:

Then click on “Environment Variables”

Choose the “Path” item and click on “Edit…”

Php Debug Vscode Xampp

Click on “New” and insert the following line…

Vscode Remote Debugging

Configuring the XDebug

Install the XDebug extension in VSCode…

Copy and past this lines bellow at the end of your php.ini file.


Vscode Xdebug

Php vscode setup

Restart your terminal, restart apache service at XAMPP control panel.

Debug Php Vscode Remote

Then open a CMD prompt and type php -v. You should see something like this…

Php Vscode Setup

That’s all folks!