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The ESPN Wide World of Sports website homepage featuring information on sports, events and the Complex so athletes, coaches, families and fans to stay connected. PLEX disney+ netflix + prime + hulu + hbo that would be gold. Id pay for that.:o. Continue this thread. Most jobs with Plex only take a minute or two but they can add up. As the disney studios show up as “Walt Disney Pictures. Can I use Apple TV+, Hulu, Vudu, Disney+, Plex, or other streaming services with VidAngel? Jessica C February 22, 2021 02:49; Updated; Follow. VidAngel connects with your Amazon and Netflix services at this time. We do not offer connections to other services yet. While you can't use these services directly, you can use some of them through.

having a hell of a time with cartoons for the kid and Plex, this has been my only hurdle that has kept the move from XBMC to Plex for me as well for a long time and have attempted to tackle it again today with no luck.

Since Plex don't have option for just using standard file browser nor use of nfo files a lot of cartoons do not scrape proper for me.

I tried to Rectify if by setting my agent to Personal Media Shows and was going to just suck it up and manually label it all one by one but for Example I have A folder with Sub folders of Disney Shorts containing 461 shorts and plex is telling me there are only 2 videos in there. I can set it to 'home movie' which seems to fix it but then it does not have any sort of folder organisation at all and completely kills my purpose.

Plex Disney Shorts

Any help here would be great as I been teaching my son (almost 4) how to use plex to control the tv and would be great if I could get all his shows working proper so I dont have to switch out to watch his fav thomas movies etc.

Plex Disney Shorts


Plex Disney Plus

- John