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Plex To Isk Conversion

Media Optimizer is a feature that lets you specify content and have your Plex Media Server create “optimized” versions of it for you. Basically, the server “pre-transcodes” the content based on the settings you choose and saves that optimized result as a different “version” of the media. With the price slightly above the price of a months subscription, it is usually used as a way to convert real money, into the game’s currency: ISK. At the time of writing, a single PLEX goes for. 112 Buy orders / 107,019,843 units: Max: 2,288,000.00 ISK: Median: 0.05 ISK: Average: 0.05 ISK: 99th Percentile: 0.50 ISK: Standard Deviation: 31,360.26 ISK: buy. The PLEX Vault is a universally accessible inventory that is shared between all characters on an account. PLEX in the vault can be dragged and dropped into a characters item hangar, allowing the PLEX to be traded on the market, put into contracts or given to other characters like any other item.

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