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From pydevcomm.pydevrpc import makerpcclient, startrpcserver, startrpcserverandmakeclient. I tried creating a anaconda environment but it seems to be. Just like Spyder, PyDev accepts voluntary donations on the Patreon platform. The most recent version is PyDev 7.4, which supports not only Python 3.8, but also Jython and IronPython. You can modify, execute and debug your code in an interactive console. I posted this in Anaconda. But, later, feel that I should post it here because it is about numpy and it is suggested by the warning messages when I tried to uninstall numpy. I try to run python 3.7 script in Eclipse/pydev ion win 7.

Note: Instructions are targeted at Eclipse 4.6 onwards

To install PyDev and PyDev Extensions using the Eclipse Update Manager,you need to use the Help > Install New Software... menu.

In the next screen, add the update site(s) you want to work with from the list below:

AnacondaPydev Anaconda

Actual Behavior (Windows 10, using Pydev and conda v. 4.6.14) When I follow the instructions shown in the Anaconda documentation for setting up Eclipse/Pydev: I find that, although I have configured the correct python.

Latest version:

Nightly builds:

Browse other versions (open in browser to select URL for Eclipse):

and press <Enter> so that Eclipse will query the update site you just enteredfor contents.

Pydev Anaconda Mt

Before proceeding, it's recommended that you UNCHECK the'Contact all update sites during install to find required software'(it will still work if you don't do that, but it'll query all the updatesites available, which is much slower than querying only the PyDev updatesite, which should be all that's needed to install PyDev).

Pydev AnacondaPydev Anaconda

Now, select PyDev for Eclipse to install PyDev (and optionally thePyDev Mylyn integration or the developer resources, which provide thePyDev source code) and click Next.

Pydev Anaconda Release


Now, read the license agreement and if you accept, select theaccept radio button and click Finish.

Pydev Anaconda Ipython

At that point, Eclipse should automatically download the plugincontents and present you to a dialog askingif you want to restart (to which you should say yes).