Serta Jennings Chair

Complete the design of your corporate office with this Serta Smart Layers Hensley Office Chair. Crafted with a ruggedly strong design and boasting ample legroom this office chair is ideal for big and tall users. Envelop yourself in plush comfort afforded by the Smart Layer seat construction which features 5 layers of foam and matrix of individually wrapped ComfortCoils. Serta Smart Layers Jennings Super Task Big and Tall Chair, Black/Slate Serta Smart Layers Arlington AirManager Chair, Black AmazonCommercial Ergonomic High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair with Flip-Up Arms and Lumbar Support, Brown. Serta Big & Tall Wellness by Design Executive Leather Office Chair - Brown. Discover how much more comfortable sitting can be with this big and tall office chair that twists and flexes in response to your movement, providing you with better support and body alignment to alleviate back pain and discomfort.

Serta jennings chair assembly

It’s a little unusual to see a meeting table like this one. It’s definitely more original and creative. We’re talking about a company office designed by Svilen L. Arquitetos Associados. The main idea behind the project was to create a structure that would be easy to assemble and assemble. Coming up with the idea for this furniture piece was not that easy but, as the designers say, the craftsmanship is always important and unique.

The company is known for the innovative combination of wood and glass and the result is a perfect combination of simple and chic. The table is very interesting because it has a transparent glass top that hides the actual piece. Behind that transparency hides a beautiful storage area. The transparent top can be pulled out and used as a display space for decorations or for creating other items, keeping the rest of the décor simple and clutter-free.

The base of the table, if we’re going to call it, sits atop wood patons. These generously-sized plates are stored in acrylic cubes and they fit around four 8 x 12 inch cubes. The fact that the table top can be pulled out and used as a storage container is actually a very practical addition to the design. It also helps keep the area clutter-free and well-organized. The office is not just cozy but also visually pleasant. The fact that the storage containers can be easily pulled out and tucked away when you don’t need them can eliminate the need for certain guests to always get to sleep or stay over.

Serta Jennings Executive Office Chair By Monolith

Monolith has designed the office chair for the company’s executive management in Milan, Italy. Named as Serta jennings, the design features architectural replicas of the iconic corporate offices buildings from Sunnyvale Park. The chair is available with an optional headrest that can be individually controlled and a customizable look.

Serta Jennings Office Chair Reviews

Serta smart layers chair instructionsSerta Jennings Chair

Serta jennings is a modern office chair that looks very simple, having a basic form but sophisticated detail that turn it into a very beautiful and stylish piece of furniture. It’s made of wood with metal legs covered in velvet in two different shades of upholstery available in two tones: 300: red, 300 blue and 400 gold.

Serta smart layers chair instructions

The attention to details is quite impressive and very commanding. The hyper functionalities of this chair are simply amazing. It’s a wonderful piece to work with just because you have chosen an intelligent and simple design for this room of the office. Plus, the chair’s name is Serta.

The attention to details is ever high. This particularly type of chair is also suitable for high-end companies and architects. It lacks unnecessary armrests and it doesn’t have any soft edges or high backrests and it’s very comfortable overall.

The Serta executive chair is a very versatile piece with a modern and stylish design. It features a high-end chrome frame that can be customized with fabric or leather upholstery and which can be customized with cord cutout and footrests, creating separate seats for the office staff meetings. The backrest can be adjusted at five different levels of adjustability.

Serta Jennings Executive Office Chair By Artau

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Artau is a company specialized in executive chairs, designed by Joaquín Torres and built in Porto Espensio, Portugal. The company offers several office chairs, but not all of them are comfortable. Some of them are really funny, like these executive chairs.

The chair has an ergonomic design and is uninterrupted on all sides. It’s also flexible and it opens with folding armrests on the sides. This allows you to save some space when sitting in it. The Artau executive chair is perfect for any office and, at the same time, it has an elegant look designed to turn it into a personal drawing area for your colleagues. It’s comfortable and it’s also good-looking. Both the seat and the back are extendable using the fold. The backrest is available in leather or fabric and the design is carefully thought and placed so as to offer all the comfort of the chair.

Serta Jennings Chair

The Artau Executive chair is available in both models and fabrics. The elegant finish gives it versatility and creates an elegant and warn atmosphere. The Artau foyer chair features a solid wood frame that keeps it out of the way, so you can use it as a table, center piece on a padded side for sitting, resting and reading, etc. The backrest and seat cushion are deep but small, perfect for holding your books.

The seat height is adjustable and this allows you to enjoy the extra comfort with the extra support. The Cut chair has a modern and simple design, featuring a seat and two cushions with generous lops, perfect for summer sitting and for sleeping. The Cut chair comes in three different colors, it is a classic but yet contemporary office chair. The price varies from EUR393 to EUR072.