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Sourcetree Multiple Ssh Keys

Use this section to generate an SSH key using Sourcetree. When you create an SSH key with Sourcetree, you can save the public and private key wherever you want locally. You may want to create an SSH directory when you do, so that you can refer to your SSH keys whenever you need them. SourceTree配置ssh key 一、使用 git 客户的生成公私钥:idrsa、 1、设置Git的user name和email $ git config -global 'xxx' $ git config -global '[email protected]' 2、检查是不是已经存在密钥(能进去说明已经存在,就删掉文件夹,重新创建): cd /.ssh.


1.一番上の「Public key for pasting in to ....」ボックス内の長い文字列を全選択してコピーしてください。あとで使うので、テキストエディタなんかに貼り付けておくといいでしょう。

2.【Save public ley】を選択し

3.【Save private key】を選択し


Sourcetree git bash ssh key



Pageant Key List が開かれるので、【Add Key】を選択し、先程作成した「rsa.ppk」を選択してください。

  • 一般使用git的用户,使用SourceTree的比较多,那么配置完ssh后,在sourceTree需要导入一下,才能使用。 1.创建或导入ssh密钥 点击 工具 - 创建或导入SSH密钥 打开PuTTY工具生成器 使用Generate可以直接生成公钥和私钥 如果已有密钥,可以点击Load加载,选择idrsa文件。.
  • Go to your Account settings and then to SSH keys. Click 'Add SSH key'. Copy the text in the top text box in PuTTYgen, the one labeled 'Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorizedkeys file' and paste it into the Key box in GitHub. Give it a title that describes what machine the key is on (e.g. Click 'Add key'.
  • Associate the public key generated in the previous step with your user ID. Open your security settings by browsing to the web portal and selecting your avatar in the upper right of the user interface. Select SSH public keys in the menu that appears. Select + New Key.


PersonalSettings 内の【SSH and GPG keys】を選択し、【New SSH key】ボタンを選択。

入力できたら【Add SSH key】を選択。「SSH keys」のリストに新たに追加されているのが確認できるはずです。


Sourcetree Github Ssh Key



Git Ssh Windows

This works if you authenticate using a public/private key pair:

  • Open Sourcetree and go to 'Tools > Create or Import SSH Keys' (this will open a PuTTY Key Generator window), Set the number of bits in a generated key to 2048 and click on 'Generate'.

  • Once generated go to git server panel and navigate to 'My account > Profile > SSH Keys' and click 'Add a public key'.

  • Copy the generated public key from the 'PuTTY Key Generator' window ('Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file:') to git panel and save it.

  • In the 'PuTTY Key Generator' window enter a 'Key passphrase' and 'Confirm passphrase' and click 'Save private key' and Public Key (for other uses too). Make sure to save it somewhere where you can find it again.

  • Close the 'PuTTY Key Generator' window and in SourceTree go to 'Tools > Launch SSH Agent (Pageant)'. You should be able to select your private key file here. (the one you just saved), Enter the passphrase and you're done.

Sourcetree Mac Ssh Key

Now try pushing!