Sourcetree With Azure Devops

Sourcetree With Azure Devops

We have an on-premises Azure DevOps Server and like to use the Git workflow 'Fork-Clone-Push-PR'. In the moment of forking the system let allow us decide into which project and under which name the repository should get forked. Forking it in the same project would mean tons of such forks after a while, which looks ugly. SourceTree can be used by both Mac and Windows users on your team and makes your team talk in the same GIT lingo and use Git WorkFlow. Whereas Azure DevOps lets you work on your product in an Agile.

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    Sourcetree Version 3.1.3

    Operating System : Windows 10

I have latest Source tree 3.1.3 on windows 10 , when I try to add our Azure DevOps organization as Remote account I am getting following 'Authentication failed Object reference not set to an instance of an object'error . I have used Username and PAT which has needed scope and access. Appreciate any help on how to resolve this??? Following are the steps I performed after creating PAT in Azure DevOps with FULL ACCESS by following instructions in this URL

Click on Remote Tab -> Add an account

Enter or select following values

Hosting Service: Azure DevOps

Host URL:

Preferred Protocol: HTTPS

Authentication: Personal Access Token

Then clicked on 'Refresh Personal Access Token' button

Sourcetree Devops Pat Authentication Failed

Entered username and PAT as password

Which returned following Authentication failed error

Sourcetree Azure Devops Git


Authentication Failed For Azure Devops

Please help in resolving this issue.


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Sourcetree Azure Devops Url

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