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What is a Space Saver Staircase?

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A Space Saver Staircase is a Compact Staircase that has alternating treads allowing you to get up a flight of stairs in approximately half the going distance of a normal flight of stairs.
Very popular for Loft conversions where space is of a premium.
Visit our showroom to see our range of Space Saving Staircases.

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Space Saver Model Range and Costs?
Stairplan are the UK's leading manufacturer for space saving staircases we offer six standard specification models.
Order Direct from the Manufacturer 01952 608853

Typical Delivery 7 to 10 Working Days (May Be Extended with Covid-19)

Space Saver Loft Staircases - Stairplan produce a wide selection of loft staircases please find below a breakdown of the pricing options we have for our standard models.
The Budget Space Saver - 32mm Engineered Pine Strings, 30mm MDF Treads and 12mm MDF risers.
Assembled £349.00 + VAT (Up to 13 Risers)
Flat pack£299.00 + VAT (Up to 13 Risers)
Standard Price covers Staircase options up to 13 risers, Wide range of floor to floor options, Widths 600mm, 650mm, 700mm 750mm and 780mm, Going 1462mm
Additional Risers £15.00 + VAT each
Going on 14 Riser Budget Space Saver 1572mm
Going on 15 Riser Budget Space Saver 1682mm Take a look
The Birch 24 Space Saver - 32mm Engineered Pine Strings, 24mm Birch Plywood Treads and 12mm Birch plywood risers.
Assembled - £499.00 + VAT
Flat pack - £449.00 + VAT
Standard Price covers Staircase options up to 13 risers, Wide range of floor to floor options, Widths 600mm, 650mm, 700mm 750mm and 780mm, Going 1462mm
Additional Risers £25.00 + VAT each
Going on 14 Riser Birch 24 Space Saver 1572mm
Going on 15 Riser Birch 24 Space Saver 1682mm Take a look
The Beech 40 Space Saver - 40mm Beech Strings, 40mm Beech Treads and 12mm Beech faced risers .
Assembled £899.00 + VAT We can supply this flatpack if required
Standard Price covers Staircase options up to 13 risers, Wide range of floor to floor options, Widths 600mm, 650mm, 700mm, 750mm and 780mm, Going 1462mm
Additional Risers available at extra cost.
Going on 14 Riser Beech 40 Space Saver 1572mm
Going on 15 Riser Beech 40 Space Saver 1682mm - have a look

The Oak 40 Space Saver - 40mm American White Oak Strings, 40mm American White Oak Treads and 12mm Oak faced Plywood risers . Solid Oak Riser Upgrade Available.
Assembled £1499.00 + VAT We can supply this flatpack if required
Standard Price covers Staircase options up to 13 risers, Wide range of floor to floor options, Widths 600mm, 650mm, 700mm , 750mm and 780mm, Going 1462mm
Additional Risers can be added at additional cost.
Going on 14 Riser Oak 40 Space Saver 1572mm
Going on 15 Riser Oak 40 Space Saver 1682mm Take a look

Options are available for the Oak 40 Staircase With Balustrade , Glass Balustrade and Closed or Open Risers

Karina Spacesaving Loft Staircase
The Karina Stair Kit is a universal stair kit whilst it doesnt meet UK building regulations it has a wide number of applications it can fill Take a look at the Karina

Carpet inserts are available for the Birch 24 and Beech 40 and Oak 40 models at £120.00 + VAT for a straight space saving staircase. This incudes machining the recess in to the Tread and a Carpet insert from our standard colour range.

Wall Handrails in Pine From £28.99 + Vat

Pine Balustrade option for Budget and Birch 24 Space Savers £200 + VAT
New European Style Handrail For Beech 40 Spacesaver Staircases £ 350.00 + Vat

90º Landing options are available at extra cost. Quarter Landing spacesavers

Note - The Budget, Birch 24, Oak 40 and Beech 40 Spacesaver staircase options above are constructed using traditional staircase methods with the treads and the risers housed into the strings and producing a quality robust staircase.
Nationwide Delivery - Mainland England and Wales £99 + VAT - Scotland £250 + VAT

Drawings (Straight Space Savers)
Typical Straight Space Saver Plans

Quarter Landing Space Saving Staircases
Left Hand Plans
Right Hand Plans

On the left you can see a typical plan layout of a space saver staircase with 12Nº risers
The going space required for our space saver staircases
(The footprint length for the staircasefrom the trimmer line to the face of the bottom nosing.

10 Riser Staircase 1132mm
11 Riser Staircase 1242mm
12 Riser Staircase 1352mm
13 Riser Staircase 1462mm
14 Riser Staircase 1572mm
15 Riser Staircase 1682mm
16 Riser Staircase 1792mm

You can work out the total length by multiplying the number of risers your flight requires by 110mm (this gives you the 220mm Minimum Going size required by Building Regulations)and adding 20mm for the nosing overlap plus the thickness of a riser (Typically 12mm plywood or MDF).
Our standard width is 650mm. If you require a different width we can make them to your required width.

We manufacture up to 780mm in width.

Typical Riser height 200mm
Maximum Riser Height 220mm
Target Riser height 190 to 210mm

All our Space savers are purpose made and are usualy manufactured in 2 weeks.
Want somthing more bespoke?

Note - Our Space Saver staircases are manufactured to suit your Floor to Floor measurement, this is required to give you equal riser heights up the total staircase in order to comply with Building Regulations. Our Space saver staircases also comply with the 100mm sphere rules set out in the building regulations. Check that any other staircases you are considering comply with building regulations.

Beech 40 Space saving Staircase

Beech 40 Space Saver Staircase
This model is built like a batleship with its 40mm treads and string sections making it a class leader in the Space Saver stair market.
Order Online

This picture shows the staircase with the optional carpet inserts for a closer look at the Beech look at the Bespoke Spacesavers Page


32 - 40mm Steamed Beech Strings
40mm Steamed Beech Treads
12mm Beech Veneered Risers

Also available as Openplan with riser Safety Bars

European handrail option
New Ash 40 Spacesaver loft stair Ask £££

Birch 24 Space Saving staircase

Target Space Saver Bags

The Birch 24

Strings - 32mm Edgelam Engineered Pine,
Treads 24mm Birch Plywood,
Risers 12mm Birch Plywood.
This is a quality staircase.

Carpet inserts are optional on this model

Note - The Birch 24 replaces our previous model which used to have Pine Treads, and following our previous experience with Alternating Treads fabricated from Pine we must recommend that you avoid this as the tread material.

Upgrade Kits were sent complete with instruction DVD's to all Pine Space saver staircases produced by Stairplan - we ceased offering our Pine spacesavers in 2003.
Prices Easy Order Guide Watch the Flatpack Assembly Video

New Birch 24 Openplan Space Saver Staircase >

For more on the new Birch 24 openplan loft staircase click here

Phone 01952 608853

Budget Space saving staircase

Pictured on the right our Budget space saver staircase shown here fully assembled, this staircase offers quality on a budget with its 30mm MDF treads and Engineered Pine strings - this staircase has a very good robust structure. 90º Landing Turns available

The Budget spacesaver staircase is manufactured to the highest standards with the full paddle of the tread and the risers being recessed into the strings.

We offer full flexibility on the Budget Spacesaver staircase - any width upto 780mm and you can order the staircase with any number of risers upto 16.

Oak 40 space saving Staircase

Oak 40 Spacesaver Staircase

Due to the growing demand for the Oak spacesaver as a bespoke spacesaver staircase we now offer this as a standard specification.

The Oak 40 is the true Rolls Royce when it comes to Space saving Staircases, constructed in American White Oak
40mm Treads
32 - 40mm Strings
12mm Oak Veneered Risers

Carpet inserts are an optional extra.

Also available as Openplan with riser Safety Bars
Easy Order Guide
Prices - Oak 40 No Handrails
Oak 40 With Handrails
Oak 40 With Vision Glass Balustrade
Oak 40 Openplan With Balustrade
Oak 40 Openplan With Vision Glass Balustrade

Pine Balustrade Option

Shown on the right is the Pine Balustrade option available on the Budget and Birch 24 Space saver staircases. Simple 90mm Square Newel posts top and bottom, 32mm pine square balusters and our standard STHR pine handrail and baserail sections.

Ordering is simple we have some basic sizes available to order on the online shop or simply phone us on 01952 608853 with -

1. Your floor to floor height
2. The Width you would like

We will Tell you the Going dimension

Let us know if you want a handrail on the staircase.

We will give you the option to have the staircase flatpack or assembled.

01952 608853

Karina Space Saving Stair Kits

Karina is particularly suited for narrow spaces.
Its supporting structure is made of steel interlocking elements and is available in three different colours: black (RAL 9017), white (RAL 9010), or grey (RAL 9006). The accessories are black.
The polished beech wood treads with a light (natural) or dark dye are of a special shape to guarantee maximum utilisation of space without compromising the stair functionality.
The staircase is supplied with one side railing.

Prices start at £607.50 + VAT

Stair Kits and accessories are available to order online through our online store Arke Karina Stair Kits

Note the Karina Space saver stair kit is a European import and does not meet the UK building regulations for alternating tread staircases.

Target Stoneham Space Saver

Quarter Landing Spacesaver Staircases - Speak to one of our designers to check we can fit a bespoke quarter landing space saver staircase to your requirments and get a quotation. 01952 608853 Plan Layouts


Quarter Landing Space Saver Staircase Layouts

Left Turn Quarter Landing Space Saver Stair Plans No Handrail
Left Turn Quarter Landing Space Saver Stair Plans With Handrail
Right Turn Quarter Landing Space Saver Stair Plans No Handrail
Right Turn Quarter Landing Space Saver Stair Plans With Handrail

Email your requirments to [email protected]

Target Space Saver Jumperoo

These space saver staircases conform to current UK building regulations for alternating tread staircases.
It wont fit ?
On our standard space saver range we set out our staircases with the 220mm minimum going size set by Building regulations, the rise height is then adjusted to suit your floor level keeping the riser height within the riser heights set out in Building Regulations Document K if you can get away with less risers eg:- 12 risers the going would be 1350mm.

The Well opening
We recommend a typical well opening of 1500mm long by at least the width of the staircase depending on your handrail detail. This length of 1500mm is best set once the staircase is in place to whatever you fell is comfortable when walking forward down the staircase, the typical 2000mm headroom above the pitch line isnt any good on a space saver staircase due to the angle you approach the bulkhead. Be aware of claims for products requiring a smaller well opening this maybe for an item classed as a 'Fixed Ladder'.

Easy Order Guide Karina Spacesaver Online Stores - -

Stairplan - Leading UK Staircase Manufacturer

Stairplan Contact Details Stairplan Workshop Visit the Showroom.

Who's making your Loft Staircase ?

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