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The humble task chair is ubiquitous in offices everywhere around the world.

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Those of us who do the bulk of our work on a computer spend upwards of 1700 hours per year sitting at a desk.

Excepting your bed at home, there is no other piece of furniture people spend more time interacting with. Investing in the right desk chair can make a significant difference in your health and wellness.

However, when it comes to selecting that perfect chair, the process can be daunting. There are hundreds of office chair manufacturers with several models apiece. There are thousands of chairs from which to choose. So how do you determine which is worth your hard-earned money?

You read customer reviews of course.

We have summarized the comments from hundreds of user reviews and combined them with the manufacturers own publicly available specs to create one comprehensive list of the best ergonomic office chairs available today.

Full disclaimer, at Office Interiors we do sell some of the chairs listed below. This article was written based solely on publicly available third-party information and not our individual opinions.

Since what one person finds comfortable can vary significantly from what another person finds comfortable, we don’t feel it is fair to rate one chair as “the best” task chair. Instead, you can trust that any of the chairs on this list will get the job done for years to come. We have placed the chairs in alphabetical order for easier browsing.

Table of Contents

Haworth Fern

One of Fern’s most distinctive characteristics is its unique aesthetic design. Inspired by nature, its clean and elegant form incorporates an edgeless design. Say goodbye to that hard-plastic band around the edge of your chair back.

Fern Specs

Top Task Chairs 2019

All Fern chairs are designed to include lumbar support and an upright back lock. Four-directional adjustable armrests are standard as well.

  • Height: 16.5”– 21.5”
  • Seat Height: 15.5”– 18.5”
  • Width: 19.9”

The Fern offers a wealth of adjustment options; there are nine different adjustment levels and three separate adjustments on the armrests alone. Another great feature of the Fern is that they are made from up 92 percent recyclable material and built in a Zero Waste to Landfill manufacturing facility.

Haworth Fern Chair Pros

The edgeless design mentioned previously is one of the most distinct advantages of the Fern over other competitive ergonomic task chairs. The edgeless design has earned Haworth a number of awards.

Modelled after a fern (hence the name), the chair is built around a central stem with fronds providing support along the chair back and seat. A specialized mesh is then layered over the fronds to balance out the support, and finally the exterior upholstery, mesh or leather finish is applied.

This patented design allows the chair to flex with user movement while still supporting proper ergonomic posture, creating a unique sitting experience. Without the plastic edge, users find the seat edge doesn’t put as much pressure on their thighs, and it is much more comfortable to bend, turn or shift positions in their seat.

To match the modern design of the Fern, it is also available in a wide range of contemporary colours. It easy to find the right finish to match your style or office decor. The Fern is quite simply a beautiful chair, that when combined with the wide variety of colours and finishes, demands attention in any workplace.

Fern Chair Cons

Many of the most common complaints found in Fern chair reviews relate to that distinct edgeless design. The experience of sitting in a Fern can be an acquired taste for some, and therefore there a popular criticism is that Haworth sacrificed comfort for style.

While Haworth will vehemently deny this claim, pointing to the years of research that went into the creation of Fern’s design, ultimately what is “comfortable” changes from person to person and needs to be judged for yourself.

Since the chair is quite configurable, with nine different levers and knobs, finding the perfect setting for maximum comfort can be annoying according to some reviews.

Another complaint is one that is frequently seen across the industry for chairs with this many configurable parts; more moveable pieces means more points for wear and tear to cause a failure or break.

For a more detailed review of the Haworth Fern chair, as well as video guides, head over to our full review of the Fern.

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Haworth Soji

Haworth recognized that their ergonomic task chair fleet was missing a candidate at the mid-market price point. Enter Soji. Combining ergonomic and stylistic elements from other Haworth chairs, the Soji is a re-envisioning and rejuvenation of Haworth’s seating line.

Soji Specs

Intelligent synchro tilt, back lock, improved lumbar support and a variety of armrest styles create the foundation of Soji’s ergonomic features.

  • Seat Height: 16” – 21”
  • Height: 39” – 44”
  • Width: 20”

Just as with the Haworth Fern, the Soji is built in a facility with numerous certifications for sustainable manufacturing practices and comes equipped with a 12-year warranty.

Soji Chair Pros

One of the most commonly cited benefits of the Soji chair is how ergonomically flexible the chair is. It was designed to encourage proper posture and therefore comes equipped with the latest ergonomic features and adjustment options.

The Soji is also developing a reputation as an aesthetically customizable chair. Combine eleven seat/back colours and three trim colours to design a chair that reflects your organizational personality.

Another distinctive feature of the Soji chair is that it is one of the very few task chairs at its price point to have received both BIFMA G1-2013 and GREENGUARD certifications. This means that without breaking the bank for a premium chair, you can invest in furniture that is both ergonomic and environmentally sustainable.

Soji Cons

Since the Soji is a new entrant to the task seating market, it hasn’t been in circulation long enough to generate many negative reviews, making it challenging to assess how durable and reliable the chair is.

One potential downside to how many adjustments are available on the Soji is that if used in a shared or hot-desking work environment, users may find themselves frequently needing to readjust the Soji to fit their preferences.

For a more in-depth review of the Haworth Soji, check out the full review article on our blog. It comes complete with user guides and videos!

Haworth Zody

The Haworth Zody is a perennial member of ergonomic task seating recommendation lists around the world. Zody was the first task chair ever to be endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Since then, the Zody has gone on to win multiple design awards both in Canada, and internationally, including a Good Design Award and Gold Product Award at NeoCon Canada.

Zody Specs

Lumbar support, four-dimensional arms, an upright backstop, and an adjustable seat are all standard features of the Zody chair.

  • Seat Height: 16”– 21”
  • Back Height (from seat): 19”
  • Width: 19.25”

Similarly to the rest of Haworth’s seating line, all Haworth Zody chairs are made of up to 51 percent recyclable material the chairs are built in a Zero Waste to Landfill manufacturing facility.

Zody Chair Pros

Ergonomic support and comfort were the primary forces behind Zody’s design. The APTA didn’t give the Zody their endorsement without cause. Reviews laud the Zody for the exclusive asymmetrical lumbar support system and PAL®, a passive pelvic support system.

As with most other Haworth chairs, Zody offers a wide range of colour and finish options, rounding out what is, overall, a staple ergonomic chair that thousands of companies have used to standardize their offices.

Zody Chair Cons

Negative comments about the Zody generally fall into one of two categories. Either about the durability of the lumbar and PAL supports or about the Zody’s tilt feature.

Most of the Zody is built on a metal frame, but the PAL and lumbar supports are made of plastic, causing them to be the most apparent part of the chair to be damaged.

The tilt or reclining feature of the Haworth Zody chair is a locking mechanism that should stop the chair from reclining, but even when it’s locked, the chair will still partially recline with just the slightest pressure. This function is supposed to prevent users from maintaining an overly rigid, upright position as they work. Since the tilt feature tends to rub some users the wrong way, it may be best to test drive one and judge it for yourself.

To read our complete review of the Haworth Zody task chair and watch user guides, check out the entire report on our blog.

Want to buy the Zody instead? Check it out in our online store!

Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller chair burst onto the scene in 1994 by offering a new twist on the traditional task chair that would come to take the market by storm, the mesh task chair.

While not offering some of the fancy bells and whistles that newer designs can provide, the Aeron chooses to make up for this by providing a highly customizable user experience. The Aeron comes in three different sizes so that anyone can find one that is just the right size.

Aeron Specs

Choose from the standard back support, adjustable lumbar support or PostureFit Sacral Support and height-adjustable or fully adjustable armrest when designing your Aeron.

Small Aeron Task Chair

  • Total Height: 38.5”
  • Seat Height: 14.75”– 19”
  • Width: 25.75”
  • Depth: 16”

Medium Aeron Task Chair

  • Total Height: 41”
  • Seat Height: 16”– 20.5”
  • Width: 27”
  • Depth: 75”

Large Aeron Task Chair

  • Total Height: 43”
  • Seat Height: 16”– 20.5”
  • Width: 28.25”
  • Depth: 5”

Go with the standard 2.5” caster or upgrade to the casters with Quiet Roll technology.

Aeron Chair Pros

Top Task Chairs

Herman Miller uses a unique mesh for their Aeron chairs; the Pellicle textile is often cited as one of the primary reasons why users continue to buy Aeron chairs. The woven suspension provided by Pellicle textile chair seats and backs is reported to create an exception sitting experience, and even improve posture.

As we hinted in the previous section, the Aeron does a great job of providing a customizable and adjustable user experience. Not only are there different sized models, but each model comes with an excellent compliment of user adjustments to fine-tune away any aches and pains that creep in throughout the workday.

Aeron Chair Cons

Reviews commonly focus on two significant criticisms, durability and price.

Due to the Aeron’s adjustable nature, it has many moving parts which can wear down and break after repeated use. Along with a similar vein, the armrests reportedly work correctly if you are sitting still, but it is easy to accidentally change their height or position when changing postures or standing up.

Price was the other primary concern that comes up in reviews. The chair’s design hasn’t changed significantly in over twenty years and, for what is now a fairly standard design, some users believe Herman Miller overcharges for the Aeron.

Did you know that we wrote an in-depth article reviewing the Herman Miller Aeron? We also included video user guides and more great info, check it out!

Herman Miller Embody

When Herman Miller was designing the Embody chair, they decided to focus on ergonomics first and foremost. The input of 20 physicians was used to determine Embody’s unique shape.

Top rated task chairs

Its attention-grabbing design is meant to disperse pressure across your back, to ensure that every part of your body is properly supported.

Embody Specs

While the Embody does clock in heavier than most of our other chairs on this list, it’s 51-pound frame still rolls with ease and doesn’t impact how it feels while in use.

  • Height: 42”
  • Seat width: 30”
  • Seat Depth: 30”

An intriguing feature of the Embody is its layered seat. Using multiple layers of seating material allows the Embody to better conform to your shape and posture. It also allows airflow between each layer of material, keeping the seat cool throughout prolonged use.

Herman Miller stands behind their Embody chair with a 12-year warranty so you can sleep soundly that your investment will still be delivering returns a decade after purchase.

Embody Pros

The Embody’s striking visual appearance is immediately apparent. The design is bold, and you have a vast array of colours from which to choose. Far from being merely an aesthetically pleasing design, however, Embody’s distinct shape promises an excellent sitting experience.

Reviews are adamant that the best aspect of the Embody is just how comfortable it is to use. It provides a fantastic degree of ergonomic support, to the point that many users state they felt an immediate difference upon switching to an Embody.

Embody Cons

While many people prefer a visually striking design for the furniture, some users disagree. The chair certainly has a modern aesthetic, so it’s not uncommon to find reviewers lamenting the departure from the classic task chair appearance.

The most consistently seen remark in negative Embody reviews is a commentary on its price point. The chair’s high price point invites debate on price vs value. Many users feel that the ergonomic design and 12-year warranty offer ample value for your hard-earned cash, but other buyers are scared away by the high cost.

Are you interested in reading our full review of the Herman Miller Embody chair? In it, we dig deeper into the key features, pros and cons, as well as provide a video user guide.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller released the Mirra 2 in the 1990s for consumers who were drawn to their Aeron chair but were not comfortable buying seating at the Aeron’s price point. Therefore, Mirra 2 provides a very similar design and experience as the Aeron, with reduced colour and finish options.

Mirra 2 Specs

While the finish options may be limited, the important ergonomic choices are all still included. Select between the TriFlex Polymer or Butterfly Suspension backs or add on adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support and a tilt and seat limiter.

  • Total Height: 38” – 42”
  • Seat Height: 16” – 20.5”
  • Width: 29”
  • Total Depth: 25”
  • Seat Depth: 16.25” – 18”

Just as with the other Herman Miller chairs, rest assured that the Mirra 2 comes with a 12-year warranty.

Mirra 2 Pros

A commonality across most reviews is that for a lower-price point task chair, it still offers quite a range of adjustability. If something doesn’t feel right with your sitting experience, there is likely a lever somewhere to fix it.

The mesh back is cool, the chair is lightweight and maneuverable, and the price point is lower than most ergonomic chairs. Overall, the Mirra 2 is a workhorse chair with a simple design aesthetic that gets the job done.

Mirra 2 Cons

One frequent trade-off with any chair that is highly adjustable is that it can also have a steep learning curve to get comfortable properly configuring the chair to your body and posture. This is a common complaint of the Mirra 2.

As the Mirra 2 has a very firm mesh seat, it is essential to know if you like a mesh seat rather than an upholstered seat. For some, this is perfect; for others, this spells a long and uncomfortable work day.

Ultimately, there are no glaring issues with Mirra 2, but there are also no fantastic positives either. It is a mainstay chair that recalls the old expression “you get what you paid for.”

Did you know we wrote a full review analysis of the Mirra 2, complete with video user guides, the key features and common complaints? You can find it on our blog today!

Humanscale Freedom

Humanscale’s goal when designing the Freedom chair was ambitious, create a task chair that will adapt to how the user moves and works, without the use of levers or dials.

There are virtually no manual adjustments to be found on the chair. The Freedom automatically adjusts itself when you turn, lean, reposition or move at your desk.

Freedom Specs

Humanscale touts that the Freedom chair can conform to 95 percent of the population and that all Freedom chairs can be customized for each owner.

  • Total Chair Width: 27.25”
  • Total Base Width: 25”

Unlike many task chairs where you have the option to upgrade the chair’s ergonomic features or armrests, Freedom only comes fully loaded. Aside from finish options, the only real choice you need to make is to decide whether you want to add the adjustable headrest (hint: most reviews suggest you should). Some users consider this a positive, as every Freedom will always include the ergonomic features it was designed to include, but it also means that the Freedom will have a higher starting price than other task chairs.

Freedom Pros

Like we mentioned in the section above, many user reviews reference Freedom’s headrest. While the occasional reviewer regrets upgrading to include the headrest, the vast majority of users feel the headrest is a defining feature of a Freedom chair.

Many users also love the Freedom’s ability to intuitively adjust itself, without the need to manually shifting levers or switches as with most task chairs. This lack of manual controls means the chair is straightforward to adapt and there is little in the way of a learning curve.

Freedom Cons

The revolutionary nature of Freedom’s automatic adjustment mechanisms can also rub some users the wrong way. If you don’t like the way the Freedom is adapting to your posture, it can be quite tricky to do much about it, leaving you stuck with a less-than-ideal seating experience.

The most noticeable case of this is with the armrests. If you are in the habit of pushing down on the armrests when you stand up, you will find that the armrests merely lower and don’t provide any resistance to help raise yourself out of the seat.

This is an excerpt from our full article reviewing the Humanscale Freedom task chair. To read the full version head over to our blog!

Sit On It Seating Novo

The Novo chair is one of Sit On It Seating’s hottest chairs on the market right now. Like all Sit On It chairs, it offers a massive selection of finish colours and opportunities for customization. The Novo is built to go head to head with the best of them in the ergonomic seating industry.

While only a few years old, the chair is already racking up awards in the office furniture industry.

Novo Specs

The Novo offers a wealth of optional configurations; customization is the name of the game for Novo. Pick between a variety of casters, add an optional seat depth mechanism or the literal scores of finish colour combinations.

  • Total Height: 39”
  • Total Width: 26”
  • Total Depth: 26”
  • Seat Width: 20.5”
  • Seat Depth: 18” – 20”
  • Back Width: 19”
  • Back Height: 23”

To top it all off, Sit On It even offers a limited lifetime warranty on the Novo. The fabric and foam may only be covered by warranty for five years, but the rest of the chair carries a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Novo Pros

We may sound like a broken record here, but the range of finish selections is one of the most expressed pros of the Novo and Sit On It Seating chairs in general. You can mix and match from 13 lumbar support accent colours and 12 mesh fabric colours, that is 156 colour combinations!

Other manufacturers may boast five or ten colours for their task chairs as well but rarely do you find colours quite as vibrant as some of the choices available on the Novo. Apple, aqua or fire are just a few of the poignant selections at hand.

With this ability to use colour to make each Novo your own, the chair has been a tremendous hit with the art and design communities.

Novo Cons

The Novo was only released in 2016, meaning that it doesn’t yet have much of a track record upon which to rate its durability. In this respect, it is fortunate that Sit On It does back the chair up with a long-term warranty.

While the Novo certainly does provide a quality ergonomic seating experience, it doesn’t have as much scientific research behind its design and can’t boast as much ergonomic functionality as some of its competitors.

It seems that multi-shift offices (such as call centers) are not a great fit for the Novo. There are reports from these types of businesses that the arms and adjustment mechanisms can’t take the abuse of 24/7 use.

If you want to learn more about the Novo task chair, check out the in-depth, dedicated review on our blog!

Sit On It Seating Wit

The Wit chair was designed to provide a light, flexible and straightforward chair for open office and collaborative environments. While it can, and does, double as a suitable full-time desk chair, it thrives in benching, hot-desking and other flexible workspaces.

Wit Specs

Boasting a similar range of colour options as the Sit On It Novo, the Wit offers a diverse assortment of opportunities for personalization.

  • Width: 25”
  • Depth: 25”
  • Height: 36.5” – 5”

The personalization opportunities continue with the option to choose between a mesh back or Thintex back and adjustable, multi-direction adjustable or fixed armrests. The Wit even comes in three different models: midback, highback and midback stool.

Best of all, it has Sit On It Seating’s lifetime warranty, excepting some select parts which are under a 12-year warranty instead.

Top Task Chairs Made In Usa

Wit Pros

Wit was designed for a specific work environment and when in that environment, it flourishes. It is popular with creative agencies, software development companies and architecture firms.

Wit is flexible, easy-to-use and low cost, making it perfect for fast pace businesses.

Reviews note that the chair is comfortable and that the Thintex backing helps to keep you fresh through the day. They also note that in many applications, the ability to pick up a highly customizable chair, for much less than premium ergonomic chairs, makes up for any potential for a reduced comfort level.

Wit Cons

As alluded to in the previous section, Wit won’t be winning any awards for its ergonomic design. While it does get the job done, its adjustability is limited, and it doesn’t include some of the ergonomic features that pricier ergonomic chairs often do.

Top Budget Task Chair

The other fundamental criticism we found in reviews was with the Thintex back. They state that the Thintex material can be more prone to rips or tears than a more traditional upholstered chair back. Others complain that the Thintex backrest just isn’t as comfortable as they are used to with upholstered backs.

It may be worth taking the chair for a test drive before committing to a purchase.

To keep reading about the Sit On It Seating Wit chair, or to view video user guides, take a look at the full review article on our blog.

If the Wit is the chair you want, pick up yours today in our online store!

Steelcase Leap

The Leap task chair is often reviewed as one of Steelcase’s best task chairs. Focused on ergonomics and a comfortable sitting experience, the Leap takes advantage of Steelcase’s Liveback and Livelumbar technologies to provide a chair back that mimics your bodies natural shape and flexes with you.

Leap Specs

Available in two different models, Leap and Leap Plus, there is a model to fit just about any application or body shape.


  • Total Depth: 21.75” – 24.75”
  • Total Width: 27”
  • Total Height: 38.5” – 43.5”
  • Total Seat Height: 15.5” – 20.5”
  • Seat Depth: 15.75” – 18.75”
  • Seat Width: 19.25”
  • Back Height: 25”
  • Back Width: 18”

Leap Plus

  • Total Depth: 22.75” – 24.75”
  • Total Chair Width: 31.75”
  • Total Height: 38.75” – 42.5”
  • Total Seat Height: 15.5” – 19.5”
  • Seat Depth: 16.75” – 18.75”
  • Seat Width: 22.75”
  • Back Height: 24.5”
  • Back Width: 20”

Include adjustable arms or remove the armrests entirely. Add the matching optional stool, ottoman or table. Upgrade to the WorkLounge model or add adjustable lumbar support to your standard Leap. There is a wealth of configuration possibilities with the Leap; you can even opt for a vinyl finish rather than upholstery or leather!

A limited 12-year warranty covers the Leap, ensuring your investment will last for years.

Leap Pros

An interesting design feature of the Leap task chair is that the seat is situated on a set of rails so that whenever you lean or shift position, the seat fluidly moves with you.

Reviewers tout the ergonomic features of the chair to be so comfortable that it is easy to forget that you are even seated in a task chair! Much of this comfort is credited to the Liveback and Livelumbar technology that is a core component of the Leap.

Leap is also reported to be extremely durable. Much of its frame is made of metal, giving it a sturdy construction that will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Leap Cons

Building a task chair out of steel will make for an extremely durable chair, it will also make for an extremely heavy chair; as many reviews have noted.

It is reported that to reduce the weight of the chair, Steelcase includes less padding in the seat cushion than competitive chairs offer. Some reviewers still find the cushion suitably comfortable, while others find it hard after an extended session of sitting. Personal preference is a significant factor when seat cushioning is concerned.

Another surprising flaw of the Leap pointed out by users has to do with the armrests. While the seat and back incorporate cutting edge ergonomic technology, many users feel that the arms have an older, primitive feel to them.

Can’t decide if the Leap is the right chair for you? Dive deeper into our Leap review on our blog.

Ready to Discuss Price?

Now that you have examined the pros and cons of all your options, and now you are ready to pick the perfect chair for your desk, only one question still hangs in the air… just how much is this going to cost me?

Well, you’re in luck because we already answered that question! We wrote an article devoted solely to answering the question “How Much Does a Task Chair Cost?” In it, we give you an estimate of how much to budget for each chair and explain all the factors that can impact your final price. Check it out!

For many of us, working from home has become the norm! Let's rewind to the early COVID days when much was unknown; we all may have been thinking working from home would just be a few weeks, but little did we know we would actually have to convert some part of our home into an office space! Now, many of us who had temporary or makeshift office spaces may be looking for more permanent options, especially as working from home is going to be happening for quite some time. If like the majority of people, you hesitated in buying any proper office furniture, you may now be realizing it is time to begin investing in some decent office desks, swivel office chairs, and equipment to help make working from the comfort of your home better!

Best Choice:Neo Chair Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair

Best Value:Bestoffice Ergonomic Desk Chair

Premium Pick:Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This guide will review some of the best computer chairs available; however, don't forget that many chairs that can be used with computer desks also make for great gamer chairs, so these also can make the perfect gift for that avid gamer in your life. We will also consider some important features you should look for in the best office chairs to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

The Best Computer Chair

With a wide seat and mesh back, the NEO CHAIR Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair is great for working or gaming and supports your back adequately. With an adjustable height, this chair is suitable for desks from 4.5 inches to 36.5 inches. The seat is spacious and comfortable, constructed from thick, molded sponge and covered in a soft fabric. The breathable mesh back allows you to keep cool while you are working and the extra lumbar support provides you with one of the best sitting experiences. The sturdy and resistant caster wheels roll easily and won’t scratch your flooring. This chair can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes. The base measures 23 inches in diameter, and the seat measures 19.7 x 18.9 inches; the backrest measures 17.5 inches in width and there is also a 23.2-inch gap between either arm rest.

2. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Task Office Desk Chair

Simple yet effective, the AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair is great for working in your home office. With a choice of color options available, you can find the best color that matches your home or office. There is a lever that allows you to adjust the seat height, so you can find the optimal working position. This mesh task chair is breathable and features a curved back to support you while sitting for prolonged periods of time. The two-inch padded seat also keeps you comfortable. The caster wheels are smooth-rolling, so your chair won’t get stuck as you need to move around; there is also a full 360-degree swivel motion. Overall chair dimensions are 22.5 (depth) x 21.5 (width) x 30.5-34.5 (height) inches. This chair is also backed by a one-year limited warranty.

3. Bonzy Home Office Chair Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair

For a professional-looking desk chair for your home office, the Bonzy Home Office Chair Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair is affordable yet comfortable. The mesh backrest helps you keep cool and comfortable while you work, and the cotton seat cushion supports you. The ergonomic design of the backrest also supports you, helping keep your back in alignment. The base, consisting of five castor wheels, allows for durability and stability and a full range of movement. Supplied with all of the tools necessary to assemble, your new office furniture can be set up and ready to go in as little as 10 minutes! The overall chair dimensions are 22 x 22 x 34.5-38 inches; the seat measures 18 x 18.5 inches and the backrest is 16 x 18 inches. A one year warranty is also included.

4. Dowinx PU Leather High Back Computer Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

Ideal for work or chair for gamers, Dowinx PU Leather High Back Computer Chair is highly comfortable and ergonomically designed. The strong metal frame provides adequate back support, while the high-quality thick rubber foam seat padding offers extraordinary comfort. This chair allows you to nearly completely recline and includes a headrest pillow, lumbar cushion, and padded foot rest, making it a great chair overall. The lumber cushion also features a massager, helping you get through a long day of work, or simply to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. The five castor wheels allow for a 360 degree swiveling motion. The overall packaged dimensions are 33.07 x 25.98 x 12.4 inches. This executive chair includes a 1-year parts warranty.

Our premium pick is the NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair which features an unbeatable ergonomic design, which they refer to as the 3D Lumbar Support System. The adjustable arms extend forwards and back, as well as up and down, so you can find the perfect position. The back also has a tilt mechanism that allows you to lean back up to 135 degrees. The mesh headrest can be adjusted both up and down, helping to support your neck. The strong base and roller-blade wheels give this executive chair superior durability; unlike most other companies, NOUHAUS provides a free set of roller blade wheels, should you ever need to change the original set. The overall packaged dimensions are 32 x 27.5 x 16 inches. There is also an impressive five-year warranty included, which speaks volumes of its high quality.

With a contemporary look, ORVEAY Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Desk Chair is great for your home office, but is also a gamers’ chair. With an ergonomic design to keep you back in alignment and to support your lower back, comfortable arms rests and the ability to lean back with its tilting mechanism, you can find a great sitting position. The gas lift paired with the adjustable lever makes it easy to adjust the height of the chair. The durable base features five wheels that are fully flexible and can swivel 360 degrees. The seat uses a highly resilient conformable foam, so even those long days of work won’t feel as bad as you will be comforted right through. The mesh back is also breathable, so no more sweating for long periods of being seated. With a quick and easy assembly time of 15 minutes, this office chair is completely hassle-free! Overall dimensions are 23.62 x 22.64 x 39.17 inches.

7. NEO CHAIR Ergonomic Leather High Back Computer Chair

For more high quality, executive chair, with the price tag of typical expensive chairs, the NEO CHAIR Ergonomic Leather High Back Computer Chair is a winner! With a choice of three color finishes, you can find a high back chair that suits your office. The faux leather finish is kind to your skin and comfortable to sit in while working; the faux leather padded arm rests also make prolonged use even better. Ideal for gaming or working, this chair uses double-layer cushions with padded foam and a high elasticity pocket spring seat; you can also tilt back up to 130 degrees and you will find there is tilt tension adjustability to allow for greater control. The contoured headrest also supports your neck, helping prevent aches and pains. Great on carpet or hardwood floors, the class-A nylon wheels roll with ease. Overall height adjustable between 44.05 – 48.08 inches, this chair’s seat width is 21 inches and backrest is 20.25 x 29 inches; the space between the armrests is 26 inches, so it is nice and spacious.

8. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair

For an office chair that has an executive yet minimalist design, AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair features a high back and lumbar support. The ribbed design gives a chic edge which will blend in nicely with any home office, especially with the attractive polished chrome armrests. The padded, durable foam adds comfort, and the faux leather seat covering is soft on your skin. This office chair is great for both gaming or working and is easily adjustable in height, with the simple lever control. The 360-degree swivel capabilities due to the strong wheel casters allow you to move about your workspace with ease. The overall product dimensions are 26.75 x 26.25 x 45.25 inches.

If you are looking for the best-valued office chair, then the BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair will not disappoint. The high-density foam sponge cushion adds a touch of comfort for those long hours of work, while the middle back design helps provide lumbar support; the armrests make this chair great for use while gaming, working, or reading. This chair offers a height adjustment of 3.5 inches up and down, which makes it great for people who have varying heights, or moving it between rooms or offices that have limited arm height beneath their desks. This desk chair allows you to tilt as well as control the tension of the tilt, so you can find your perfect comfort level. The mesh fabric covering the wide seat (18 x 18.5 inches) and backrest helps you to sit comfortably as it is breathable, preventing your skin from sticking. The smooth-rolling wheels allow you to move about easily in your workspace and can swivel up to 360 degrees for a full range of motion. The overall product dimensions are 22 x 9 x 20 inches.

10. SMUGCHAIR Bonded Leather Computer Office Chair

If you like the look of more expensive office chairs but don’t like the price, you will be satisfied with SMUGCHAIR Bonded Leather Computer Office Chair. People who suffer from back pain will get a treat using this chair! The three-degree curved seat is shaped to mimic the natural curve of our body, and the seat and back together create a comfortable ergonomic chair. The armrests are also ergonomically designed with thick padding to support you while playing your favorite video game or work. The lever allows you to adjust the height of the overall chair, while the tilt option allows you to rock and find the perfect seated position. The seat itself rotates 360 degrees, as do the wheels, providing you with a full range of motion. With all of the tools you need for assembly provided, you can have your chair set up in no time.

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Here are all of the dimensions specs of this leather office chair:

– Overall height: 42.5-46.5 inches

– Seat height (including base): 19-23 inches

– Backrest width: 19 inches

– Seating width: 19.5 x 20 inches

– Space between armrests: 24.5 inches

– Armrest height: 11.5 inches

– Base width: 20 inches

If you are searching for the best budget mesh chair for your office, the KaiMeng Mesh Office Chair does the job! This mid back mesh chair offers a slight curve to its back, making it a great ergonomic chair, ideal for long hours of work. The wide, padded cushion seat offers ample support, while the strong back rest helps to reduce back pain and fatigue. The backrest also features a unique support structure for your lower and mid back, and the mesh covering is airy and light, so you won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable after hours of use. The lever allows you to adjust the seat’s height to fit with a range of tables and desks. The light grey finish of this best budget chair gives a simplistic modern look, complimenting nearly any space. All of the installation hardware and tools are included, so all you will need is about 15 minutes of your time for assembly. The chair dimensions are as follows:

– Back rest: 19.8 x 19 inches

– Seat: 19.8 x 19.8 x 3.5 inches

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– Armrest length: 13 inches

12. ComHoma Swivel Mid Back Computer Chair with Flip Up Arms

Ergonomic office chairs are fairly common, but ComHoma Swivel Mid Back Computer Chair with Flip Up Arms is impressive and its ‘S’ shaped three-dimensional backrest makes it one of the best ergonomic office chairs for hours of use. This ‘S’ shape helps support the curve of your body, keeping your back in good alignment. The mesh also ensures the chair offers good levels of breathability, so you won’t get hot while working. The premium molded sponge cushion on the seat is spacious and offers hours of comfort. Do you ever just want to sit cross-legged, perhaps while reading or gaming when in your office chair? You will find that most office chairs have rigid, fixed arms, so it can be quite uncomfortable trying to sit in this way; this chair allows you to flip the arms up, so no more being uncomfortable! Flipping the arms also helps you to tuck your chair neatly under your writing desk, helping save space. The wide, nylon wheels won’t scratch your floors and move silently, so even when working in the early hours of the morning, your chair won’t wake others. With a range of comfort features built in, you can rock between 90 and 110 degrees, adjust your seat height, and swivel 360 degrees. The overall product dimensions are 20.07 x 18.7 x 18.7 inches.

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13. Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair with Lumbar Support and Flip-up Arms

It can be tough finding the right office chair if you have back problems, but Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair is ideal! This office chair, great for gaming and working, includes adjustable lumbar support which makes it great for people with all kinds of body shapes and stature. The armrests can be flipped up 90 degrees as well, which makes it a great chair for smaller spaces, as it can fit underneath the desk, or you can sit cross-legged comfortably. After a few hours of hard work, we all like to kick back and relax a bit – this chair allows you to rock anywhere between 90 to 125 degrees. The sponge filled seat cushion features anti-collapse properties, making it very comfortable; the velveteen padding located on the arm rests also adds a touch of comfort while working or gaming. You can rotate your chair up to 180 degrees and adjust the height to your preference. The black and white design of the chair adds a modern, almost high-end retro feel to your home office at an affordable price. The durable base features nylon wheels that silently glide across your floor. The packaged dimensions of this chair are 25.4 x 24.3 x 13.1 inches.

Features To Consider With Computer Chairs

With so many body types, there is never a 'one fits all' when it comes to office chairs. For this reason, when looking for the best office chair, adjustment of various components of the chair is essential. Typically, even the most basic office chairs allow for adjustability of height, however, the best office chairs will also allow for you to adjust many other components. For example, many chairs will allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest, and the height of the arm rests.

There is much debate about whether arm rests are a good feature of office chairs or a bad one. While some people may like arm rests as they are supportive for your arms and shoulders as you type and work, they can actually lead to bad posture as your shoulders can end up shrugging and being in this position for prolonged periods of time; this can eventually lead to chronic pains and aches. However, if your arm rests are set correctly, this won't be an issue. When considering an office chair with arms, always look for adjustability of the arm rests so you can be sure they are set to the appropriate height - your elbows should be in line with the desk. The positioning of the arms is also an important consideration; ideally, they should be more towards the back of your chair to provide the right level of support.

Considering that, for many people, many hours are spent sitting in office chairs, back support is a key feature that must be considered before purchasing one. You will notice that the best office chairs have a curve in their back rests, which is referred to as lumbar support. Lumbar support allows for the chair to fit to the natural curve of your body, which helps keep your spine in alignment and promotes good posture. While the best office chairs do normally offer some form of back support, those who suffer from chronic back pain or have issues with their posture may prefer to look for a chair best for combatting this which will feature adjustable lumbar support and even additions such as back support accessories or head rests.

Whether you are using your chair as a gaming chair or to work, comfort is one of the biggest considerations you will want to make! One of the biggest parts of an office chair that contributes to its overall comfort is the seat, which bears the weight of your entire body; due to this, the cushion must be supportive. The best office chair will include a cushion that is composed of high-density foam or another material that is conformable to your body. Some office chairs use a sponge to make up the cushioning, but always be sure the sponge uses anti-collapsing properties or something similar, otherwise, you will sink in too deeply and will feel the wooden base of the seat. Other comfort features you might like to look for may include padded armrests, built-in headrests, or even massaging capabilities (although these will typically have a significantly higher price!). You can additionally boost the comfort of your gaming chair by adding some popular office chair accessories.

Ergonomic office chairs will feature the best structural design that makes your chair comfortable, even after many hours of use. While the majority of the best office chairs will feature this type of design, the overall look of it is what may be their selling point! Do you prefer a more regal, executive style office chair, or perhaps a drafting chair? What about something more basic and minimalistic, simple yet efficient? Depending on your preference, there is a wide range of office chair options! You will want to consider how your office chair will suit the rest of its surroundings and whether it will be compatible with the desk or table you own, or other computer gadgets, such as triple or dual monitor stands. You may have seen more luxurious brands like Humanscale Freedom or Steelcase on social media, however, many of the best office chairs match a similar design and have the same benefits and features, but at a fraction of the price.

You will find that if you prefer a gaming chair or one that is more executive in its design and style, it is likely to be made of leather or faux leather. Again, this will come down to preference, but some people like an office chair that is a bit more breathable, especially for long hours of work; however, with this being said, many chairs that do feature leather/faux leather are highly comfortable. Other popular materials include the breathable mesh, which has cooling properties while you work; this material would be ideal for those who work in hot areas.

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The chair best for you will need to fit into space you plan to put it and work well with the desk or work surface you will be using it with; always check the height specifications to see how well your chair will fit into the opening of your desk. If you are tight on space, looking for an office chair that has folding arms as best as they can fold up and the chair can neatly get tucked away.

When it comes to a desk chair being able to swivel, there are two aspects to consider for this. The best office chair will allow the chair itself to swivel (usually anywhere up to 180-360 degrees) as well as the wheels. When the wheels can swivel freely, you can easily move your chair around your workspace. When it comes to the wheels, you will also want to ensure they move freely and are compatible with all types of flooring surfaces (or look for those that work with the floors you have).


There's nothing nicer after a few hours of work to stretch out and relax! The best office chair for a hard worker like yourself should include tilting capabilities so that you can enjoy this moment of relaxation. To further enjoy this, look for a chair that also has tilt tension adjustability, otherwise, you will need to keep yourself held in the titled position.

Depending on the build of your office chair and its construction, weight capacities can differ greatly between chairs. Always be sure to check the weight capacity of the chair you are considering before purchasing; buying one that exceeds your weight could weaken its structure and result in it breaking, potentially leading to an injury for yourself.


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