Utc Time Meaning

Universal Time Coordinated

Time zone offsets are identified as -12 UTC through 0 to +12 UTC with the minus values signifying time 'before' or ahead of prime meridian (which is the Western Hemisphere). At the meeting of the -12 and +12 time zones is the International Date Line. UTC time - Coordinate Universal Time. Coordinated Universal Time is the time zone '0' from which all other time zones around the world are then calculated. It is similar to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but unlike this time, it is not based on the time of rotation of the Earth, but on measurements made by atomic clocks that are most accurate. Exact time now, time zone, time difference, sunrise/sunset time and key facts for UTC. Exact time now, time zone, time difference, sunrise/sunset time and key facts for UTC.

Utc Time Meaning

Offset: UTC is 0 hours ahead Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and is used in Universal

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the world time standard that regulates clocks and time. It is successor to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). For casual use, UTC is the same as GMT, but is used by the scientific community.
UTC is the time standard commonly used across the world since 1972. It is used in many technical fields, like aviation industry and meteorologists, also used to synchronize time across internet networks.

UTC representations, usage and related time zones

W3C/ISO-8601: International standard covering representation and exchange of dates and time-related data
  • Z - is the zone designator for the zero UTC/GMT offset, also known as 'Zulu' time
  • +00 - basic short
  • +0000 - basic
  • +00:00 - extended
Email/RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard, typically used for timestamps in email headers
  • +0000 - sign character (+) followed by a four digit time providing hours (00) and minutes (00) of the offset. Indicates zero hour and zero minutes time differences of the zero meridian.
Military/NATO: Used by the U.S. military, Chinese military and others

Utc Coordinated Universal Time

  • Zulu - Military abbreviation for UTC
  • Z - short form of 'Zulu'
IANA/Olson: Reflects UTC time zone boundaries defined by political bodies, primarily intended for use with computer programs and operating systems
  • Etc/UCT
  • Etc/UTC
  • Etc/Universal
  • Etc/Zulu
  • UCT
  • UTC
  • Universal
  • Zulu

Utc Time Offset Meaning

Time zones with the GMT +0 offset:

Utc Time Chart

  • EGST - Eastern Greenland Summer Time
  • GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
  • WET - Western European Time
  • AZOST - Azores Summer Time
  • UTC - Universal Time Coordinated
  • WT - Western Sahara Standard Time
  • Z - Zulu Time Zone
  • GMT - GMT
  • +00 -