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Space saving recliners are beginning to become the norm in today’s design world. Consumers looking to add seating to an already crowded room are turning to what is also known as a wall hugger recliner. These unique and stylish small space recliners are perfect for even the most challenging floor plan.

Cast Iron Octopus Wall Hook, Bedroom Wall Hanger, Coatroom Organizer, Outdoor Space Saver, Storage System, Wall Hanging, Beach Decor, Gift FloridaShellsAndMore 5 out of 5 stars (673). Shop Space Savers for inexpensive home storage solutions & organizers for your kitchen, closet, bathroom, shoes, laundry, & more. 1-4 day shipping. When a wall saver recliner is placed in the reclining position. It works in a way that the back does not go to far back as to scrape or bang the wall behind it. This allows for more walk way around and in front of the recliner. Other recliners often need at least 8 or even 10 inches of space in order to recline.

When builders are designing housing for the current market, they often forget that all rooms of the house need to be functional. Not just the main living space. Even the main living space can have a reading nook or a space near a window that would be perfect for a small recliner. The charm and allure of saving space simply comes down to functionality. We as consumers want our home to have a good balance of both design and comfort. The thought of placing a bookshelf or lone oil painting in a space that now can hold a functioning piece of furniture is certainly more appealing.

Space Savers For Bathrooms

Up until recently a good quality small space saving recliner was not only unavailable, but also was usually not ascetically pleasing. Modern manufacturers have finally decided to give this consumer the attention it deserves. This finally gives the consumer the upper hand when it comes to designing a small or challenging space. Happy decorating.

When requesting a quote, please specify desired quantity of bikes parked. This product is modular and configurations may vary based on capacity.
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Dero’s Ultra Space Saver Squared builds on its popular predecessor, the original Ultra Space Saver. Both provide vertical bike parking that maximizes space efficiency, but the Squared goes even further:

Sliding Arm System: Adjustable sliding arms make it easy for customers to best utilize their space. It also creates flexibility to make sure spacing follows city requirements as they evolve.

Square Tube Arm: Pipe-cutter resistant squared steel tubing makes the Ultra Space Saver Squared more secure than the original.

Angled Arm (optional): This option provides an extra six inches of aisle space.

Space savers for bathrooms

Like the original, the Squared is u-lock compatible and accommodates bikes with fenders; features an easy to install, modular system; and can fit in nearly any space. Additional options include: wall-mount, floor-mount, and double-sided.


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Patent D774,441

Cost per Bike:

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