War Thunder Epic Thunder

Pilots and Tankers! We continue the video series under the project: “This Is War Thunder - Top 5 Epic Plays” with PhlyDaily as our host! This is not only your chance to showcase the most amazing moments of your game play with everyone, but it is also a chance to win Golden Eagles in the process! The show will be aired with five videos being showcased and five players being rewarded for. The Windscreech's model reference War Thunder is based on the F3F-2 biplane fighter with the upper wings removed to look like the F2A Buffalo fighter.

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War Thunder Epic Thunder 2020


The ' Epic Thunder ' project is intended to bring players to an entirely new level of immersion. What's different with Epic Thunder IV? (New sound engine edit:). 200+ BOMBERS & FIGHTERS EPIC Battle Of Britain Highlights (War Thunder). GET 3% off GE & Vehicles -o7o7 A somewhat sneak peak into WEBE's.

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Epic Thunder Download

  • Вам не понравилось видео. Спасибо за то что поделились своим мнением!

War thunder epic thunder 1.91
I have a line up of Pumas which I call ZeLittleShits because honestly that's what they are. A bunch of very fast, very small and very powerful little 'tanks' :D
I enjoy them a lot and I don't care if ppl dislike them. I take my Pumas anywhere from super low tier to top tier games.
Enjoy and have fun watching ;)
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War Thunder Epic Thunder Sound Mod

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