War Thunder Smallest Tank

No one can dispute that War Thunder provides a lot of choice. From nippy armoured cars, to hulking heavy tanks, to cloud-gazing anti-aircraft vehicles, the sheer volume of vehicular offerings can appear a little daunting. Whether stepping into armour for the first time or picking a new tank after having mastered advanced techniques to become a regular peril of the battlefield, it can be difficult to know which tanks are right for you.

This light tank modification featured a small and extremely nimble chassis while being armed with a 90 mm cannon and promising low maintenance efforts. The first and only prototype of this variant was shown off in 1990, along with the IFV modification. After its reveal, the vehicle received the designation MARS 15. In War Thunder, the MARS. Download War Thunder NOW! - TANK IN GAME - ASU-57 3.3 TON BEAST (War Thunder Gameplay)Follow my TWITCH. The 4.3 consisting of the M4A2 (75mm) is a no go as having it as the top BR tank means you have only one 76mm and plenty of 75mm on a BR range where the 75mm is woefully inadequate even with the M4A2 HVAP. First and foremost the 4.7 lineup will be consistent of the M4A1 (76mm), M4A3E2 Jumbo and the M6A1 Dreadnought. Because war thunder isn’t real life, what you call “weak” turret armour was in reality no weakness at all, the KT didn’t have a “weak turret”, the only thing that could pierce is it was the Soviet 122mm and even then it would have to be really close. The Maus 240mm thick turret was enough to stop any WW2 Anti-Tank gun the allies had. Location: Karelia, pre-war Finland (now Karelia, modern-day Russia) Located in Karelia, Finland before World War II, nowadays modern-day Russia; Karelia is composed of a large deep canyon to the east, a rocky hill at the middle, and an open terrain to the west, the latter of which can be navigated through paths concealed by trees and small hills.

Well, quiver in fear no longer. We’re here to provide a quick rundown of the best tanks available in War Thunder. No more wasting research points on obsolete unlocks or poorly performing tanks that pale in comparison to your existing armoury, you’ll know which tanks to beeline on the tech tree and what flavour of combat they offer. Some of our picks opt for supreme firepower, others prioritise speed and agility, while more place endurance and hardened armour above all else.

It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of the tank you drive into battle. The best tanking is approached slowly, with caution, and an overriding plan of attack. Plunge headfirst into the fray with no regard for your tank’s capabilities, and you’ll soon be left a burning heap of metal. With that in mind, choose a tank that sounds appealing and suitable to your playstyle.

So, adjust the rangefinder and open the breech, as dive into…

The best War Thunder tanks

  • Tiger H1
  • Challenger 2
  • Leopard 2A6
  • M50 Ontos
  • T-80U
  • ZTZ96A
  • T-50
  • Panther A


Infamous from the battlefields of history and infamous in-game, the German Tiger H1 is a jack-of-all-trades and competently suited to nearly any firefight. Its 88mm cannon, compatible with a range of shells, makes quick work of all enemy vehicles that are likely to cross its path, and its side armour will glance incoming shells if angled appropriately. A 650-horsepower engine makes it one of the faster heavy tanks, and a reasonable gun depression angle keeps it fighting in undulating terrain.

Jack-of-all-trades suited to nearly any firefight

The Tiger H1’s weak side armour is also its Achilles heel. If not angled properly, weaker tanks will penetrate its skirting, and more powerful opponents will one-shot it with ease. Position the tank carefully and make sure your sides are covered. If a defensive position is untenable, rely on its high firepower to get a shot in, before whatever is hustling up to you.

Slow acceleration provides little opportunity for daring escapes or heroic pushes, but in a straight-up gunfight, in which enemies are located and targetable – you’ll be the star of the show.

Challenger 2

Hang behind your front lines, sit snuggly in a covering bush, wait for an enemy prevaricator to try their hand at flanking, before launching a shell with pinpoint accuracy into their side. The British Challenger 2’s extremely high accuracy, fast reload time, and competent optics lend it perfectly to a sniping playstyle. Sit comfortably away from the central melee and engage the enemy from afar.

War Thunder Smallest Tank

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A low top speed and sub-par acceleration limit the Challenger 2’s capabilities to lead frontal assaults, better suiting it to staying behind the central offensive column, picking off enemies before they can flank the main batch. Unremarkable armour makes it easy pickings for anything meting out high damage, but a decent reverse speed enables the Challenger 2 to duck out of the fray when caught in a tight spot, while keeping its cannon targeted on incoming threats.

Leopard 2A6

Introduced in November 2020’s New Power update, many have called the West-German Leopard 2A6 the best tank in War Thunder. And with good reason. Impenetrable turret cheeks and upper front plate armour, swift gun rotation speed, improved gun optics from its predecessor the Leopard 2A4, and access to the highest-penetration shell in the game – the DM53 – make this tank a guaranteed killing machine. The effectiveness of its gun cannot be overstated.

Unremarkable mobility means solo flanking is an impossibility, so keep to hull-down positions and make optimum use of that unmatched main cannon. The Leopard 2A6 need only be wary of Soviet HE shells. A shot to your tracks might leave you immobilized and desperately hoping to fight another day, but a bludgeoning hit to your turret will likely send fragmentary shards through your fuel tank and crew, and that’s a dead tank.

Some have called the Leopard 2A6 overpowered, and many have begged for a nerf. But make no mistake, a quality tank will amount to nothing in the hands of an amateur tanker that doesn’t know how to leverage its strengths. Learn the tank, and learn it well.

M50 Ontos

Hard-hitting, stealthy, and capable of unexpectedly decimating enemy flanks, the US M50 Ontos brings a totally novel playstyle to War Thunder. Kitted out with six recoilless rifles that can be fired within less than a second of each other to launch high-explosive anti-tank and squash head shells. Its recoilless rifles eliminate the need to reposition between shots, allowing you to fully exploit a weak enemy position after finding the perfect angle.

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Its primary drawback is its paper-thin armour. This is not a tank that wants to be taken into the main fray, but one to stealthily push around the enemy’s side and ambush with an unexpected barrage.

Its unforgiving playstyle can also be off-putting. Miss your shot and you’ll be waiting over a long reload time, and an even longer manual targeting time, before getting back in the fray. With an 18-shell ammo capacity, it can be tempting to unload salvos quickly in a blanket offensive, but temper a high rate of fire with accuracy for the most effective offensive load.


Few sights strike such tangible fear in the hearts of enemies as the Soviet T-80U bounding over the hills, surrounded by a sturdy regiment of supporting allies. An exceptionally well-armoured front that can generously glance incoming shells, a durable rear-end that can soak up shrapnel, and a low profile complete its defences, making it a difficult target to spot and near-impossible to destroy in sufficiently flat bushland.


Difficult to spot and near-impossible to destroy

The auto-loaded 125mm cannon on its top also makes a particularly painful thorn in the enemy’s side, capable of launching regular volleys of shells to wear down enemy combatants.

Although the T-80U shines in a momentous forward attack, it’s left wanting when retreat is preferable. A slow reverse speed means you’ll have to remain keenly aware of your surrounding points of exit and implement a quick getaway plan if things go sour. And keep the enemies at length. Poor side armour and a large ammunition carousel means its chances of survival following shell penetration are all but nil.

WarWar Thunder Smallest Tank


There are few better options for straightforward tank-busting than the Chinese ZTZ96A. Sporting a 125mm main cannon with fantastic angling, and firing the most powerful HE shell available to any main battle tank, it can reliably destroy most armoured targets in one shot, both angled and flat. Wrapped in strong armour, its roof-mounted heavy machine gun can also be usefully deployed against light aircraft.

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With a poorer reload speed than some of the equivalent tanks at its tier, you’ll be relying on your own instincts to draw the most out of the ZTZ96A, especially given is poor mobility, which throws any ideas of tasteful flanking operations out the window.

War Thunder Smallest Tank Set


Even the lowest-tier tanks can carve out a masterful space on the battlefield. Agile and well armoured, the Soviet T-50 scout tank is excellently suited to nipping around enemy armour, relying on its high speed to perform flanking manoeuvres, before quickly returning to safety amongst allied forces. Thick, sloping armour sets it apart from other beginner tanks, and forgives the faux-pas of new players when they’re frantically racing to slide past enemy lines.

The T-50’s handling will take some getting used to, and its slow turning speed makes it unsuitable for extreme adrenaline manoeuvres. Be careful not to damage its tracks when driving at top speed across rough terrain, but, ground allowing, leveraging its high speed to evade enemies or shift them from your weak side armour will keep the T-50 in the game.

A fantastic beginner choice that demonstrates there’s more to look for in a tank than big shells and monstrous firepower.


High mobility, respectable gun rotation, ammunition options suitable for crippling most any opponent tank – these make the Panther A one of the best medium tanks in the game. Like most German offerings, it comes kitted with heavy, sloping front armour, offset by poor sides, but its agility allows quick getaways and subtle defensive anglings. Its range and firepower outdo tanks of a similar battle rating, punching through armour from moderate distances.

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The Panther A’s ubiquity is its downfall: everybody knows its weak spots. Enemies will be firing directly at your soft gun mantlet to cripple you, so avoid head-on confrontations and make quick work of those you encounter. Best move with a pack of others, utilise speed to take the enemy off-guard, and make sure every shot counts. With a high profile, subtlety isn’t the Panther A’s speciality, so quickly get stuck into the thick of battle and make the most of its punishing main cannon.

Let's do a small review of War Thunder. This game is designed for real peoplefor both professional pilots and shooting enthusiasts. Such detailyou will not find combat aircraft, tanks and their control anywhere. In the gamethere is a huge fleet of winged cars and an equally impressive fleet of tanks.Different countries of equipment manufacturers (Germany, England, USA, USSR, Japan)we kindly offer you a choice of fighters, bombers, attack aircraft,as well as all types of tracked monsters, from light to heavy tanks.

Место действия

Обзор War Thunder подсказывает нам, что все события происходят во времена Второй Мировой войны, и все боевые действия, в которых вы приняли участие, это реальные сражения, случившиеся в то страшное время. Даже карты воссозданы с реальных снимков спутника, разве что были внесены изменения, соответствующие тому времени. Это подтверждает одну из особенностей игры – максимальная реалистичность.

Режимы пилотирования

The game has several game modes. 'Arcade mode'it is the most popular among users. Your bird is easy to manage. Your task is to hunt the enemies.While enjoying an air shooter, you don't think about things like air temperature, humidity, pressure.While in other modes, this is extremely important. But more on that later. In PvP mode, you can make sure thathow effective is a team game when you cover an ally or when help is flying to you at a difficult moment.As a team, you can achieve great victories!

here a lot depends On your ability to control the aircraft,not from the power of the machine. In addition, do not forget about the laws of physics, they have not been canceled. You must consider the following optionsa winged car, maybe some maneuvers should be abandoned, otherwise you will be smashed to the ground.But even here you will have the opportunity to return to the battlefield, because usually there are up to six cars in stock.

there Is a different, more realistic and more difficult game mode. These are 'Historical fights'. Management remainslightweight, but there are far fewer hints. For ammunition, you will need to return 'home' and fuelperiodically ends. Everything is made as realistic as possible. And you won't have any in stockaircraft, so in this mode you need to play as a team, carefully think through the strategy of the battle. Everythingthe tasks are extremely close to real historical events of that time.

War Thunder Smallest Tank Game

But this game is also good for those,that it can be played by both beginners and real professionals. The 'Realistic fights' mode is designed forfor true pilots. Here you will need a joystick to control the plane, but the view from the cockpit will not make it easieryour tasks. You need to control a lot of sensors and switches yourself,look out for enemies and try to kill them yourself, monitor the weather and temperature. Many players,those who consider themselves to be aces switch to this mode, but fail on takeoff, which leads toresentment of their team's allies.

Game features

Making an overview of War Thunder, you can highlight many features and advantages of this game. Of course, this is Hyper realistic. In the cockpit or the tower of the tank, you can feel the full control of the equipment. All the damage done by you and you is as close to real as possible. Performing unacceptable maneuvers on an active aircraft may cause the fighter to lose consciousness and darken the screen for some time. The size of the maps where the fighting unfolds will surprise you. They usually reach up to 100x100 km. There are places to fly and ride. In addition, you can eliminate bridges, trees, and buildings in the game.

Another main advantage of the online game War Thunder is that 3 types of troops take part in one battle: aviation, Navy and army. This makes the game unique and opens up a huge field of possibilities for users. Developing the pilot's skills, his skills, and enriching your car with various ammunition or new features will help you win battles and influence the course of events.

the game is also called WT, var thunder, var Thunder< / p>

Smallest Map In War Thunder

The review of War Thunder is coming to an end, but before you go to play, you should take a look at the minimum and recommended system requirements of War Thunder.